PIPER (Billy Squier) – Piper & Can’t Wait [2-in-1 CD digitally remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive*

PIPER (Billy Squier) - Piper & Can't Wait [2-in-1 CD digitally remastered] out of print full

As requested, here’s the hard to find, out of print (last copy sold for almost $500 at eBay) 2-in-1 CD digitally remastered albums of PIPER, the band featuring Billy Squier prior his successful solo career.
Signed to A&M records by KISS manager Bill Aucoin the band released two albums from 1976 to 1977, the self-titled ”Piper” (mixed by Eddie Kramer), and ”Can’t Wait” (produced by Sean Delaney, “the ’70s fifth member of KISS”).
With their mix of catchy rock n’ roll and power-pop melodies, both PIPER albums were praised by critics and sold very well, opening for KISS during their 1977 tour including two nights of a sold-out run at New York’s Madison Square Garden.
”Piper” and ”Can’t Wait” are two wonderful slices of late Seventies American rock, plenty of hooks and melody courtesy of Squier skills as songwriter.

Billy Squier wrote a great song when he previously was in the band Sidewinders, a song that didn’t make it to their Lenny Kaye-produced RCA album but is here in all its glory: “Telephone Relation” is an exquisite power-pop tune, overshadowed only by the even poppier “Who’s Your Boyfriend,” which should have been as big a hit as his upcoming solo single “The Stroke”.
Piper rocks a bit harder on other songs, like on “The Last Time” (a Stones cover) or “Out of Control”.

The promise of the first Piper album’s classic track “Who’s Your Boyfriend” is realized with the title song from Piper’s second and last disc before Squier found fame and fortune on his own, ”Can’t Wait”.
Everything is turned up a notch, starting with this sublime pop sensation, the title song “Can’t Wait.” “Anyday” and “Blues for the Common Man” certainly have that early to mid-’70s Rolling Stones feel, as does the beautiful “Now Ain’t the Time.” Hindsight is always 20/20, but Piper had the potential to breakthrough as Heart, Cheap Trick, and
“See Me Through” may not be as intense as The Stroke, but that is its charm. The band really sparkles and shines on this collection. “Little Miss Intent” is a precursor to “Everybody Wants You,” Squier’s 1982 Top 35 hit.

The great thing about Piper is that Squier emerged with authority as a solid front man, guitarist, and singer/songwriter. The elements that make these discs so good are the urgency, the short but effective songs, and the catchiness.
”Piper” and the excellent follow-up ”Can’t Wait” are two essential albums by this very talented artist.
Highly Recommended


Piper 1976:
01 – Out Of Control
02 – Watcha Gonna Do
03 – The Road
04 – Sail Away
05 – Who’s Your Boyfriend
06 – Telephone Relation
07 – The Last Time
08 – 42nd Street
09 – Can’t Live With Ya, Can’t Live Without Ya

Can’t Wait 1977:
10 – Can’t Wait
11 – Drop By And Stay
12 – See Me Through
13 – Little Miss Intent
14 – Now Ain’t The Time
15 – Bad Boy
16 – Comin’ Down Off Your Love
17 – Anyday
18 – Blues For The Common Man

Billy Squier: lead vocals, guitars, percussion
Alan Nolan: guitars, backing vocals
Tommy Gunn: guitars, backing vocals
Danny McGary: bass, backing vocals
Richie Fontana: drums, percussion, backing vocals


out of print

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