HERMAN RAREBELL – Nip In The Bud [40th Anniversary Remaster] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

HERMAN RAREBELL - Nip In The Bud [40th Anniversary Remaster] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Former Scorpions drummer HERMAN RAREBELL has released his 1981 album ”Nip In The Bud”, completely remastered and available digitally for the first time. Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its initial release, it is rather amazing at just how clear, clean and fresh ”Nip In The Bud” sounds today and those involved in the remastering have done a brilliant job as this really does feel like a record that has only just been recorded and released, and musically, feels relevant today.
If you haven’t heard the album before then I am sure that you will not be surprised by the fact that it is most definitely Scorpions influenced and, in truth, how could it not be? However, Rarebell also has a huge admiration for the blues based rock of Led Zeppelin and he has incorporated much of the sound of this inspirational band into the album so you get a classic hard rock album here.

It seems that the material on the album was not particularly written with the Scorpions in mind – it does have that Germanic hard rock vibe but the more roots driven approach that he took most certainly brings out a different sound and feel to the album.
Rarebell, singer / bassist Pedro Schemm and guitarist David Cooper together they make a tight and compact unit with room for solos, but the three of them most certainly have a huge power output when combined. Cooper contributes some terrific riffs and Schemm brings the material to life with his very Robert Plant delivery.

‘Messing Around’ opens the album a punchy power trio delivery, a hard rocker with a late Seventies arena feel. The group sounds tight – Rarebell and Schemm previously played together in a band and you can tell musically they know each other.
‘Two Timer’ has a Led Zeppelin-esque bluesy heart, but heavier, with an early ’80s hard rocking groove. ‘Rock Your Balls’ speaks for itself, driven by a chugging riffs and Herman’s percussion.

While Herman’s drums are up in the mix, he wanted a ‘band sound’ here, and it feels like that. But there’s a song to showcase his skills behind the kit; the instrumental ‘Triangle’, and it’s a cool number midway the album.
Other tracks are more melodic, like ‘‘Havin’ A Good Time’, midpaced rocker ‘Do It’, or the semi-ballad ‘I’ll Say Goodbye’, balancing the whole thing.
The cover art designed by Hipgnosis studios – they did an amazing job at the time with major acts – is a plus.

This is a welcomed remastered version of ‘Nip In The Bud’ that will appeal to all fans of classic hard rock, but it’s also an album that will surprise newcomers about how ‘new’ and updated it sounds.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Messing Around (Remastered Version)
02 – Two Timer (Remastered Version)
03 – Havin’ A Good Time (Remastered Version)
04 – Rock Your Balls (Remastered Version)
05 – Triangle (Remastered Version)
06 – Slob (Remastered Version)
07 – Junk Funk (Remastered Version)
08 – Do It (Remastered Version)
09 – Pancake (Remastered Version)
10 – I’ll Say Goodbye (Remastered Version)

Pedro Schemm aka George Phillips – lead vocals, bass
David Cooper – guitars
Herman ‘ze’ German Rarebell – drums, percussion



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