LALU – Paint The Sky (2022)

LALU - Paint The Sky (2022) full

Paint The Sky” is the debut album with Frontiers Music from LALU, a musical project originally founded in 2004 by the French composer and producer Vivien Lalu.. ‘Paint The Sky’ the band’s third album overall, easily their most accomplished and mature.
In May 2020, Vivien announced Damian Wilson (Arena, Headspace, Threshold) as the lead vocalist for ”Paint The Sky”, but there’s also other vocal contributions like legend Steve Walsh, and many reputed musicians such as Simon Phillips, Tony Franklin, Jens Johansson, Jordan Rudess, Simone Mularoni and more provide their class for this progressive record.
Whatever your preference when it comes to progressive music, we absolutely guarantee that there will be plenty for you to enjoy within ”Paint The Sky”. It has technicality and flamboyance aplenty, but crucially, it is never present at the expense of the songs themselves. With performances out of the top drawer from the band and guests alike, there is literally nothing that you can fault with this album whatsoever.
Prepare to hear a genuine candidate for the best album of 2022.


01 – Reset to Preset
02 – Won’t Rest Until the Heat… (feat. Jens Johansson)
03 – Emotionalised (feat. Damian Wilson)
04 – Paint the Sky (feat. Steve Walsh, J. Johansson & Gary Wehrkamp)
05 – Witness to the World (feat. Marco Sfogli)
06 – Lost in Conversation (feat. Jens Johansson)
07 – Standing at the Gates of Hell
08 – The Chosen Ones (feat. Jordan Rudess & Simone Mularoni)
09 – Sweet Asylum
10 – We Are Strong
11 – All of the Lights (feat. Vikram Shankar)
12 – Paint The Sky (Bonus Track) (feat. Simon Phillips, Alex Argento & Tony Franklin)


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