VICTORY – Two Years And A Few Beers Later [2xCD] (2017) *0dayrox Exclusive*

VICTORY - Two Years And A Few Beers Later [2xCD] (2017) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

As requested, you’ll rock your bones now with Germany hard rockers VICTORY and their not easy to find album ”Two Years And A Few Beers Later”, a double CD released by AOR Heaven Records in 2016 but as went sold out, the band themselves re-released the package in 2017, only available on physical format.
Always commanded by guitarist Ferman Frank (ex Accept, Moon’Doc), ”Two Years And A Few Beers Later” features the best of Victory’s recorded during two years of gigs and tours with the band’s current line-up since 2013. Frank says: ”I think the band has real power live, fresh blood.”
And like most live albums, this one is actually a best of, but also including new songs. The sound quality, mix, etc is excellent.

Almost all classic Victory anthems since the ’80s can be found on the first CD. Everything that fans like to sing along to during the show, from ‘Are You Ready’, ‘Take The Pace’, ‘More And More’ to ‘Temples Of Gold’ is represented here.
The live atmosphere can be clearly felt and heard, thanks to the convincing sound of the recording.

The second CD is not a bit quieter, including some of band’s ‘inside tracks’. We find really good songs from various successful albums, such as ‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Eve’n from 1986, the favorite ‘Culture Killed The Native’ from 1989 or ‘You Bought It – You Name It’, as well as newer material.
Songs like ‘Welcome To The Show’, ‘God Of Sound’, ‘Feel The Fire’, ‘No Way Tonight’ or ‘Rock The Neighbors’ rock the catchy Victory sound. Herman Frank said: ”I think it turned out to be a cool double album that you can listen to at a party”. There is nothing to add!
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


CD 1:
1. Are You Ready
2. Take The Pace
3. Speak Up
4. More And More
5. Burn Down The City
6. Hungry Hearts
7. Power Strikes The Earth
8. Temples Of Gold
9. Hero
10. Never Satisfied
11. Don’t Tell No Lies
12. Let It Rock On
13. On The Loose

CD 2:
1. Standing Like A Rock
2. Welcome To The Show
3. God Of Sound
4. Restless
5. Backseat Rider
6. Feel The Fire
7. No Way Tonight
8. Checks In The Mail
9. Rock The Neighbours

Herman Frank – guitar
Jioti Parcharidis – vocals
Christos Mamalitsidis – guitar
Peter Pichl – bass
Michael Wolpers – drums



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