NIELSEN / PEARSON – Blind Luck [Big Pink Music Korea / remastered] (2022)

NIELSEN / PEARSON - Blind Luck [Big Pink Music Korea / remastered] (2022) full

Released past month by Korean label Big Pink Music, this is a must have for fans of classic ’80s AOR: NIELSEN / PEARSON 1983’s album “Blind Luck“, a limited edition papersleeve mini-LP replica digitally remastered.
This is a perfect example of the great “LA session musician” records from the 80s, with the likes of Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Carlos Vega, Neil Stubenhaus, etc, involved, plus that impressive, detailed production sound.
For “Blind Luck” NIELSEN / PEARSON fine-tune their songwriting in favor to a more radio-friendly material, still Westcoast in essence but richier in sing-along melodies, harmonies and choruses. Fans of TOTO, i-TEN, ALESSI BROS, AIRPLAY, etc, need this album in your collection.

On the first bits of opener ”Hasty Heart” you have Michael Landau’s guitar breaking into the catchy electric piano by Robbie Buchanan and Mark Pearson’s sweet voice appears… I am sold, this is pure ’80s stuff of the highest order. Oh, and we have a terrific Lukather solo at the end.
“Sentimental” is an elegant midtempo AOR tune embellished by Buchanan’s synths and Landau’s guitar solo. Next “Too Good To Last” is a version of the David Roberts song (recorded into his All Dressed Up album) and a really good cover by Nielsen/Pearson.

“Break Nobody’s Heart” and “Lauralei” are more energetic tracks, almost rocking, with sharp guitars and Mark Pearson singing with more bite. “I Hear You Breathing” is a superb ballad with ‘that’ atmosphere, then “Expectations”, “Fade away”, and “Got Me Where You Want Me” are melodic, smooth all over.
You can’t go wrong with “Blind Luck”… they don’t make albums like this anymore. (thanks to Pokono for this album)


Big Pink Music Korea ~ BIGPINK-777
닐슨 피어슨 밴드

01 – Hasty Heart
02 – Sentimental
03 – Too Good To Last
04 – Break Nobody’s Heart
05 – I Hear You Breathing
06 – Lauralei
07 – Expectations
08 – Fadeaway
09 – Got Me Where You Want Me
10 – Carrie

Vocals, Guitars & Piano : Reed Nielsen
Vocals, Guitars & Piano : Mark Pearson
Guitars : Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Icarus Johnson
Drums : Carlos Vega
Bass : Neil Stubenhaus
Keyboards : Robbie Buchanan
Electric Piano : Jaï Winding
Synthesizers : John Bowen
Background vocals : Jon Joyce, Jim Haas, Joe Chemay


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