ELECTRIC BOYS – Groovus Maximus [remastered expanded reissue +5]

ELECTRIC BOYS - Groovus Maximus [remastered expanded reissue +5] full

Another pleasurable request to fulfill is this pretty hard to find ELECTRIC BOYS “Groovus Maximus remastered expanded reissue“. This rocking album remained out of print for many years and thanks to an association between Universal Music, Sweden Rock Magazine and the band it was remastered and expanded with 5 bonus tracks.

Sweden’s Electric Boys were one of the first and most celebrated purveyors of the short-lived funk metal phenomenon of the late ’80s and early ’90s.
The band had a considerable exposure with their 1990 debut album Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride, which was released just in time for mainstream radio’s brief fascination with this sub genre in America by the hand of Extreme and alike.
So Electric Boys established in the US and toured extensively.

1992’s “Groovus Maximus” is Electric Boys second album, and the band’s sound turned more Melodic Hard Rock here.
Led by charismatic singer and guitarist Conny Bloom, “Groovus Maximus” is plenty of bass-heavy, big guitars and huge melodic grooves, plus hooky choruses that served them well the first time around, all wrapped by a polished, exuberant production.

Songs like the killer title track ‘Groovus Maximus’ (pretty hair metal), the catchy ‘Knee Deep In You’ and ‘Tear it Up’ (both quite Aerosmith-like), the melodic hard rocker ‘The Sky Is Crying’, the groove-monster ‘Bad Motherfunker’ or the solid acoustic ballad ‘Bed Of Roses’ are among the highlights, but all the album is really good.
The bonus tracks are welcomed additions, especially ‘Love’s Kickin’ In’ and the excellent classy ballad ‘Dying To Be Loved’.

ELECTRIC BOYS - Groovus Maximus [remastered expanded reissue +5] back

Since their origins in Sweden the quartet built quite a following in Europe, but why Electric Boys didn’t become huge in the US, especially with “Groovus Maximus”, is beyond me.
They toured the states alongside Mr. Big, Hardline and many more, the album sold pretty well, but major success never arrived. Bands playing similar music – read Extreme – galloped up the charts, and if you ask me, Electric Boys are on par or even better.

“Groovus Maximus remastered expanded reissue” sounds million bucks, and believe me, there’s some serious KILLER songs on it.


01 – Groovus Maximus
02 – Knee Deep In You
03 – Mary In The Mystery World
04 – Fire In The House
05 – The Sky Is Crying
06 – Bed Of Roses
07 – She’s Into Something Heavy
08 – Dying To Be Loved
09 – Bad Motherfunker
10 – When Love Explodes
11 – Tambourine
12 – Tear It Up
13 – March Of The Spirits
14 – Trouble In Paradise (Demo)
15 – Love’s Kickin’ In (Demo)
16 – Dying To Be Loved (Demo)
17 – Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
18 – Space Jam

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitars
Franco Santunione – guitars, backing vocals
Andy Christell – bass, backing vocals
Niclas Sigevall – drums
Erik Svensson – keyboards
Eric Hausler, Leif Lindvall, Magnus Johansson – horns
Carina Carlsson, Malin Backstrom – backing vocals



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