POOR LITTLE THINGS – Deal Breaker (2021)

POOR LITTLE THINGS - Deal Breaker (2021) full

Deal Breaker” is the new album from retro rockers POOR LITTLE THINGS, consisting of female vocalist Tina Jackson and guitarist / songwriter Dave Talon (Rollerball, Kings of the Sun) both Australian musicians now established in Switzerland.
POOR LITTLE THINGS style is like a cross between THE RUNAWAYS and AC/DC, and put some BLONDIE, THE DONNAS, JOAN JETT and PAT BENATAR in between. However the duo – the record is completed with session musicians – have their own sound, raw and in your face with the necessary degree of studio polish.
This is kick ass Rock N’ Roll, unadulterated, not following the trend of the moment, just fun, entertaining Classic Rock with a modern production.

When an album opens with the sounds of a mammoth car engine turning over and roaring to life, it is fairly safe to assume that said album is brimming with some high octane tunes of the rock n roll variety. Indeed, ‘Fire It Up’ makes justice to its title.
POOR LITTLE THINGS blends ’80s elements with a bit of classic rock, glam, and punk. It’s not just one hell of a mixed bag, but one hell of a good time. This sound works incredibly well for Dave Talon and Tina Jackson who are clearly passionate about what they do.
In particular, Jackson’s vocals add that extra bit of badassery to an already monumental soundscape and are comparable to the likes of Pat Benatar and Joan Jett.

The duo demand the listener’s attention with a bevy of undeniably catchy riffs and guitar solos, punctuated by Jackson’s sultry, edgy vocals. There are no ‘filler’ tracks here, with each and every one kicking ass in its own right.
Standout moments include ‘Call of The Wild’, ‘It Ain’t A Lot’ and ‘The Cutest In The Band’, with Jackson sounding as if she is actually channeling the late and great Chrissy Amphlett.

POOR LITTLE THINGS wear their love of classic rock like a badge of honor, successfully serving up a helping of energized glam/classic rock inspired tunes that will have even the most hardened of critics tapping their toes along to.
‘Deal Breaker’ is evidence of a band loving what they do, and doing it well; creating an instant feel-good experience in the process. Grab a beer, some mates and dive into it!


01 – Fire It Up
02 – Ball And Chain
03 – Call Of The Wild
04 – The Cutest In The Band
05 – Turns To Stone
06 – It Ain’t A Lot
07 – Hell Of A Time
08 – I Really Don’t Have A Clue
09 – Theme From Deal Breaker
10 – The Lucky Falling

Tina Jackson – Vocals
Dave Talon – Guitars


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