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Only released on physical CD by reputed specialized Melodic Rock label Kivel Records, “Bliss” is the sophomore effort from American rockers NO LOVE LOST. Produced by famed Ty Sims & Erik “Desmond Childish” Johnson, NO LOVE LOST creates the perfect love letter for this genre of music. Hard hitting when it needs to be. Heartfelt when it wants to be, and just damn fun because it should be.
NO LOVE LOST proves that in current times a band can make an Arena Rock record with all the trimmings just like how you remembered it, while adding the bonus of today’s technology and production.

Scott Board is without a doubt a premier vocalist and should be mentioned in the same breath with some of the best in this genre, as he is a rare breed that has a level of talent that rivals some of the best in the business. Combine his signature distinctive vocal with the dual guitar team of Jason Staton and Marc Brown, the result is an astonishing winning combination of Rock N’ Roll as one would hope for, but sadly rarely seen these days.
Of course, you need a foundation and you need to keep the beat. None better than the rhythm section of fellow North Carolina Natives, than Matt Crow (Bass) and Jason Collins (Drums). Will leave no question to how formidable they are at their craft. when you hear the big floor tom hits on ‘Heart Strings’, to the nice smooth bottom of ‘No Secret’. You will have no questions about their prowess as a rhythm section.

Lastly, and certainly far from least, No Love Lost welcomes a legend himself, Paul Shortino, as he duets with the band on the rockin’ classic ‘Good Times’ (made famous by INXS and Jimmy Barnes). If there was a song that was synonymous with Fun, it is this one, and the guys do not disappoint.

While we enjoyed the No Love Lost debut (8 year’s ago!), ”Bliss” is a big step up in just about every way. Well, the cover artwork was better the first time around, but that hardly counts. The band has more than lived up to the promise they showed in 2013, and have released an album that fans of melodic hard rock bands like AdrianGale, Farcry, Seven Hard Years and Tango Down ought to love.
There are more moments on ”Bliss” that bring to mind Foreigner, Mr. Big and maybe Danger Danger. It’s a good combo, as it lets them infuse their solid hard rock sound with plenty of melody and just enough polish.
It’s also the kind of album you play for your crusty old uncle who still goes to the Foreigner and Whitesnake shows but complains that bands don’t make this kind of music anymore.

If you’re looking for highlights, it’s hard to beat the ultra-catchy “Heart Strings.” “Love Song” is a really satisfying midtempo number, and “World Is Wide” has this great “probably too polished for a barroom rocker, but you still want to be at a bar rocking out to it” vibe.
All of this is pulled together by the masterful production leadership of Ty Sims and Erik Johnson, culminating into one simple word that describes this album – “Bliss” – and that is the apt title itself.
Highly Recommended


01 – Keeping Up With The Jones
02 – Believe In Love
03 – Love Song
04 – Heart Strings
05 – Under Construction
06 – World Is Wide
07 – No Secret
08 – Little Things
09 – Heaven Sent
10 – Good Times [Duet with Paul Shortino]
11 – Face The Fire

Scott Board (vocals)
Jason Staton (guitar, vocals)
Marc Brown (guitar, vocals)
Matt Crow (bass, vocals)
Jason Collins (drums)
Paul Shortino duet on “Good Times”



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