AMBROSIA – Life Beyond L.A. [2xCD Deluxe Friday Music remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive*

AMBROSIA - Life Beyond L.A. [2xCD Deluxe Friday Music remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

After featuring here the two AMBROSIA albums remastered by Rock Candy, many of you asked for the band’s third LP ”Life Beyond L.A.”. Well, Rock Candy didn’t remastered this album, but we have the limited, 2xCD Deluxe Edition done by Friday Music specialists.
The 1978 ”Life Beyond L.A.” proved to be the breakthrough release for the quartet whose affinity for hooks, humour and imaginative arrangements which become the trademark elements that have defined them over the years. They started as a progressive rock act in their two first LP’s, but the genre was about to enter a new era, and Ambrosia carefully trod between pop and progression, a transition that is captured in this unique album, for many, Ambrosia’s best.

Filled with an array of stellar songs written by David Pack, Burleigh Drummond & Joe Puerta, this LP offered an organically band produced project which yielded them massive airplay and one of the finest places ever in rock&pop music history with the brilliant “How Much I Feel.”
This slice of musical manna topped the charts in 1978 and brought the band a whole new level of stardom.
As proof of Ambrosia skills, the bonus disc showcases how good they were on stage with a concert captured while presenting ”Life Beyond L.A.”, a live performance of these guys in their prime.

AMBROSIA - Life Beyond L.A. [2xCD Deluxe Friday Music remastered] back

”Life Beyond L.A.” encapsulates the best of FM radio rock / Soft Rock with progressive interesting arrangements. This is ‘intelligent pop-rock’, very well thought and produced.
This Friday Music 2xCD pack is out of print now (thanks to Molder for this one)

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CD 1 : original album remastered
01 – Life Beyond L.A.
02 – Art Beware
03 – Apothecary
04 – If Heaven Could Find Me
05 – How Much I Feel
06 – Dancin’ By Myself
07 – Angola
08 – Heart To Heart
09 – Not As You Were
10 – Ready For Camarillo

CD 2 : The Warner Bros. Music Show. 11/15/1978
01 – Life Beyond L.A. (Live)
02 – If Heaven Could Find Me (Live)
03 – Not As You Were (Live)
04 – How Much I Feel (Live)
05 – Somewhere I’Ve Never Travelled (Live)
06 – Nice, Nice, Very Nice (Live)
07 – The Brunt (Live)
08 – Holdin’ On To Yesterday (Live)
09 – Can’t Let A Woman (Live)
10 – I Wanna Know (Live)

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – David Pack
Lead Vocals, Bass – Joe Puerta
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Burleigh Drummond
David Cutler Lewis – keyboards, clavinet
Christopher North – keyboards, backing vocals
Daniel Kobialka – violin (Heart To Heart)
Marty Krystall – saxophone (Dancin’ By Myself)


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