SYMPHONY OF SWEDEN – Saints Of Yesterday (2022)

SYMPHONY OF SWEDEN - Saints Of Yesterday (2022) full

SYMPHONY OF SWEDEN are a duo hailing from – yes, of course, Sweden – but their music isn’t symphonic at all. Their sound can be found somewhere between pop and metal, with epic choruses. On their new album “Saints Of Yesterday” they add electronics, vintage synths, etc, to their music, effective songs not longer than 3 minutes and a half.
Evan Hagberg is the musical brain here performing many instruments and producing, while Linus “Lee” Wester play guitar and perform lead & backing vocals. “Lee” vocal color reminds me of Mike Tramp at times and has that peculiar appeal.

‘Saints Of Yesterday’ is pretty varied; “Angels” and “Champions” are bombastic rockers with synth beats, then “Saints Of Yesterday” and “Gates Of Heaven” in a more into a melodic metal plan, with more agressive vocals.
On the other hand, on “Madness” we are going to find a mixture of pop / synthesizers, and with “Bailey” we find an epic modern ballad with nice atmosphere.

SYMPHONY OF SWEDEN is part on a new wave of bands which mixes commercial pop melodies with metallic, energetic instrumentation. “Saints Of Yesterday” isn’t sympho metal, nor metal, nor pop but all rolled into one. It has something for everyone, and a wide appeal from old rockers to new generations.
Highly Recommended


01 – Will She Fight
02 – Angels
03 – Saints Of Yesterday
04 – Madness
05 – Champions
06 – Bailey
07 – Slave
08 – Gates Of Heaven
09 – Making It Right
10 – Flatline Me
11 – The Grim Reaper
12 – The Road

Linus ”Lee” West – Vocals, Guitars
Evan Hagberg – Keyboards, Synths, Producer



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