ANATOMIC – In For The Thrill [post SHY TIGER band]

ANATOMIC - In For The Thrill [post SHY TIGER band] full

ANATOMIC born from the ashes of SHY TIGER, the band featured here yesterday with their two album remastered. This, their debut album “In For The Thrill“, was released in 2000’s, however it sounds like recorded in the second half of the ’80s.
Seriously, if you play this CD and have people guess when it came out, no one, and I mean NO ONE would guess 2000. This is classic ’80s, first class melodic hard rock with awesome melodies akin DANGER DANGER, FIREHOUSE, SLAUGHTER, etc.
If appeared in 1988, “In For The Thrill” and ANATOMIC would have been massive – any of the songs here could have been top hits in the late ’80s. Yes, this CD is that good… KILLER.

The band is composed of Ryan Freeman (lead vocals and guitars), Johnny Rowland (guitars) and Jason Michael Eldredge (drums), with the addition of new member J.J. Goncz (bass), ANATOMIC is a reformed version of long-time SF Bay Area favorite SHY TIGER, and retains the melodic hard rock style and high-energy delivery that made the ‘Tigers’ so popular in the early 90s club scene.
So ‘In For The Thrill’ is the follow-up to SHY TIGER’s last release entitled ‘Feed The Kitty’, which received regional accolades which earned the band opening slots for Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, Y & T, Ace Frehley, as well as other headliners.

After taking time off to write and rehearse new material – some co-written with JOHNNY LIMA – the band returned with this new name and recorded ‘In For The Thrill’ at Suspect Studios in Sunnyvale, CA, co-produced by ANATOMIC and Dave Gakle.
This act has a solid grasp on this type of classic melodic hard rock material and their appeal is infectious. This is arena rock straight from the late ’80s with catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses.

‘Until Your Gone’, the catchy ‘Drift Away’, the heartfelt power ballad ‘Out Of My Heart’, the heavier ‘Deep End’, the very JOHNNY LIMA ‘Livin A Lie’ or the DANGER DANGER-esque ‘Goodbye Today’ are highlights, however we have here a hit after hit song disc.
These guys not only are talented songwriters but also consummate players, tight, punchy and all-time melodic. All is served with the proper bright production this type of music needs.
Highly Recommended


01 – Until You’re Gone
02 – Drift Away
03 – Deep End
04 – Out Of My Heart
05 – Make It Real
06 – Goodbye Today
07 – Livin’ A Lie
08 – Hate To Say Goodbye
09 – The Price
10 – Power Of The Heart
11 – Make It Real (Acoustic)

Ryan Freeman – lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Johnny Rowland – guitars
Jason Michael Eldredge – drums, percussion
J.J.Goncz – bass



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