SHY TIGER – Feed The Kitty / Tails Out [2-in-1 CD digitally remastered]

SHY TIGER - Feed The Kitty / Tails Out [2-in-1 CD digitally remastered] full

Sacramento, Californian rockers SHY TIGER‘s two albums Tails Out (1993) and Feed The Kitty (1994) have been re-released on one CD by Demon Doll Records, fully remastered and with fresh new artwork. On “Feed The Kitty / Tails Out” these tigers deliver some really cool stomp n’ sleazy hairy metal, and while originally released in the early Nineties, the sound and style of both albums are pure Eighties circa 1987-1989.
Check out songs like “Desperate”, “Young And Only” and “Lay Your Money Down” to really get you in the mood to hit the town on the hunt for some tigress in need of attention. They also created a strong power ballad work with “Lay Down And Cry” (there’s two versions, each from both albums) as well as “Believe In You”.
An enjoyable set of songs with fine production and very good songwriting for the genre; Sunset Strip kinda melodic hard rock with sleazy, hair metal and even some AOR touches. Think a rougher Warrant.

So you get the band’s two albums here, 18 tracks dripping with nostalgia and sink your teeth down deep as this is highly recommended listening. The first ten tracks on the Demon Doll Records release come from the ‘Feed The Kitty’ album while the rest emanate from ”Tails Out”.
If you’re looking for the portal back to the good time Rock N Roll anthems that once littered the airwaves as well as a few love ballads that so marked the time period, then by all means jump on through as this is the record for you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Desperate
02 – Young and Only
03 – Believe in You
04 – Lay Your Money Down
05 – I’ll Never Forget You
06 – Will You Be There
07 – Hearts On Fire
08 – Alright Without You
09 – Lay Down and Cry
10 – Drink Until She’s Cute
11 – Woman Like That
12 – Body Movin’
13 – Don’t Walk Away
14 – Had Enough
15 – Long Hard Road
16 – Hate To Say Goodbye
17 – Lay Down and Cry
18 – Lovers

Ryan Freeman – vocals
Brian Maushart – bass
Jason Michael Eldredge – drums
Johnny Rowland – guitar



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