BADD BOYZ (Paul Shortino) – No, No, Nikkie (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

BADD BOYZ (Paul Shortino) - No, No, Nikkie (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

BADD BOYZ was the late ’80s project of Paul Shortino and bass player Sean McNabb formed when they leave Quiet Riot. The line up was completed by other talented musicians namely Mitch Perry (MSG, Talas, Steeler, Heaven), Michael Guy (Shark Island, House of Lords) and Rich Carlton.
Managed by Wendy Dio, the band had a deal with Pasha Records, but Murphy’s Law prevailed and the band broke up. Eventually, an 8-track album sel-tilted ‘Badd Boyz’ appeared in 1993 only in Japan, a rarity now.
Now Demon Doll Records is un-earthing this forgotten melodic hard rock little gem plenty of huge hooks, killer choruses, and gang backing vocals. Shortino sounds particularly good on this album, perhaps one of his best and unknown performances.
The album not only has been remastered but additional songs were found – never before released – and alongside new artwork and re-titled “No, No, Nikkie” (as one of the ‘new’ tracks) this is one of the most welcomed releases this year.

A majority of these songs were taped at Pasha Music House in Hollywood where Motley Crue recorded parts of their 4x platinum opus “Theatre Of Pain”. Most the tracks here were recorded 1989, others completed later by Shortino with different musicians. What was once thought to be the lost recordings of “No, No, Nikkie”, “All Of My Life” and “King Of Thieves”, features Kingdom Come and ex Scorpions drummer James Kottak behind the kit.

There are some really good tunes on this album including “Leave It To The Law”, “No Time For Cryin” “Straight To My Heart”, or the previously unreleased catchy ”No, No, Nikkie” and the killer ”King Of Thieves”.

This album has never been released in the United States and fetches a pretty penny on the secondary markets… ’till now. Re-titled, repackaged and remastered from the ground up, Paul and DDR are bringing this long lost rocking album back to the masses.
Sound quality and production are top notch, and as said, Shortino is amazing into a perhaps his best recordings ever.

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01 – Leave It To The Law
02 – No Time For Cryin’
03 – I Don’t Want To Hear Your Heart Break
04 – Straight To My Heart
05 – You’re Mine Tonight
06 – This Must Be Love
07 – Hard To Say Goodbye
08 – Save Our Land
09 – No, No, Nikkie
10 – All Of My Life
11 – King Of Thieves

Paul Shortino – vocals
Mitch Perry – guitar
Michael Guy – guitar
Steve Fister – guitar
Sean McNabb – bass, background vocals
Rich Carlton – drums
Matt Abts – drums
James Kottak – drums



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