TATTOO RODEO – Skin (1995)

TATTOO RODEO - Skin (1995) full

As requested, here’s ‘Skin’ the second and final album from TATTOO RODEO, the underrated and criminally band still unheard by many classic era hard rock fans. Formed by ex members of ’80 AOR-pomp gods WHITE SISTER, the first album (1991) by TATTOO RODEO showcased a completely different beast musically speaking: bluesy hard rock with a midtempo melodic feel.
Their second album ”Skin” – originally only released in Europe in the obscure mid-Nineties – is as better as TATTOO RODEO debut, perhaps more melodic, some kind of mix between CRY OF LOVE, WHITESNAKE, TALL STORIES and some CINDERELLA and TORA TORA.

I really don’t know why Tattoo Rodeo didn’t sell better than they did, as they had a major label deal for their first album, released a couple of singles, and even had a video on MTV. Why some things work and some don’t is a mystery to anyone, I guess.
Regardless, Tattoo Rodeo lost their contract and found themselves with two options: hang it up or go it on their own.
To their credit, they took the hard road and in 1994 released an independent record called Skin N’ Bones. That album caught the attention of the folks at Mausoleum Records who repackaged the album with new artwork, a couple of additional songs, and a new tracklisting, and re-released it as simply ”Skin”.

This follow-up is still exactly what you would expect from Tattoo Rodeo. “Chamber Of Mary’s Gun” and “Too Daze Gone” both sound like they could have come from that first album, and are excellent mid-tempo Southern hard rock far better than anything Jon Bon Jovi could ever dream of coming up with, no matter how good you may think the Young Guns II soundtrack is.
The soul and feel in the guitar work on “Chamber…” is something that is missing from nearly all music today and cries out to be heard here. Musically, “Feels Like Love” has a Zeppelin vibe to it with Chruchill-Dries topping the track with his blues-soaked southern drawl and is a really cool number, which is odd considering my general dislike for all things Zep.

“Blackened” is a great ballad of pain and betrayal that is worth the price of admission all by itself. “Can’t Keep My Woman Down” bounced with southern nasty midtempo vibe recalling Night Ranger’s album from the same time; ‘Feeding Off the Mojo’, and I like it.
The two tracks added to the Mausoleum version are both worthy additions. “Train” is a very good song, in my opinion, one of the better tracks of the overall package. This uptempo rocker is the only one written with outside assistance and features some nice harmonica work on it.
“Sure Enough” is a bluesy, smokey ballad that falls into territory dang close to “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes.

This is a very solid effort especially considering the independent nature, and the performances and production are top notch. It is truly a shame that a band like Tattoo Rodeo faded into obscurity because arrived too late…
Do yourself a favor give ”Skin” a proper listen and treat yourself to some truly quality hard bluesy rock.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Too Daze Gone
02 – Feels Like Love
03 – Chamber Of Mary’s Gun
04 – Can’t Keep My Woman Down
05 – Charity
06 – Train
07 – Sure Enough
08 – Waiting For You
09 – Blackened

Dennis Churchill-Dries – lead vocals
Rick Chadock – guitars
Rich Wright – drums
Michael Lord – keyboards
Robert Berg – bass



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