SLEAZER (CR) – Sleazer [Demon Doll Records release] Out Of Print

SLEAZER (CR) - Sleazer [Demon Doll Records release] Out Of Print full

This is a 2015 Demon Doll Records limited edition release now out of print and pretty hard to find: SLEAZER‘s self-titled album. There is / was various bands with this name, but this one with an exotic origin: Costa Rica / Central America.
SLEAZER was born in Costa Rica to breath new life into a scene saturated with extreme metal. The band formed in a rehearsal room and decided to show people in Central America how hard rock should be played. Inspired by ’80s hair metal and early ’90s US sleazy hard rock, SLEAZER has emerged as the only band of its kind in Costa Rica.
This Demon Doll CD in fact compiles SLEAZER 2 EP’s; 2013’s ‘Coming To Get You’ and ”In Gang We Bang’ (2015). And they are darn good playing this genre, musically influenced by the likes of GUNS N’ ROSES, SKID ROW, LOVE/HATE, etc.

Crank this baby loud because SLEAZER is paying homage to their ’80s influences and they are doing it right, where catchy choruses, infectious grooves and wailing guitars set the stage for a trip back to the good old days of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
There’s Sunset Strip classic gang choruses on ‘Shot Of Love’ over a rumbling bass and thick guitars with some SKID ROW aggression to it, sleazy power chords into ‘Coming To Get You’ and ‘Dirty Love’, while a sharp, melodic classic riff drives “Into The Madhouse”.

Including cool keyboards and a more melodic hard rock feel, “Psycho Bike” is perhaps our favorite track here. But don’t be fooled, the sleaze factor is still there. Killer tune.
SLEAZER are able to craft a really good ballad in ‘Forever Wild Forever Young’ – not cheesy at all, slow but still biting.

Specialized labels take notice; SLEAZER is a terrific band writing / playing in this ’80/90s melodic hard rock style, and they are still active. Go and sign these guys, they rock!
Highly Recommended


01 – Shot Of Love
02 – Coming To Get You
03 – Psycho Bike
04 – Into The Madhouse
05 – Forever Wild Forever Young
06 – Crazy Gemini
07 – Dirty Love

Rodo – vocals, guitar
Chino – lead guitar
Chris – bass, backing vocals
Claudio – keyboards, backing vocals
Charlie – drums


Out of print

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