D’OR – Veni Vidi Ignis (2022)

D’OR - Veni Vidi Ignis (2022) full

Veni Vidi Ignis” is the new album from Swiss hard rockers D’OR –  in French, ‘Of Gold’. This is the brainchild of Andy Dormann, an established musician of the Swiss Rock Scene (KISSIN’ BLACK, CHARING CROSS) proving that fun and filthy loud music is alive and kicking on the streets of Switzerland.
“Veni Vidi Ignis” takes the best things from the ’80s Sunset Strip-Style and mix ’em with a healthy dose of European melodic hard rock for a groovy, melodic rocking cocktail. Yeah, the title track has some KROKUS on it, ‘Scream’ is pure ALICE COOPER ‘Hey Stoopid’ era, ‘Jack-In-The-Box’ takes the GUNS N’ ROSES craziness, ‘Flashback’ gets the primal CRASHDIET attack, and so on…
There’s more influences all over the album not meaning that D’OR hasn’t identity, they just resume the last four decades of sleazy hard rock in to their music. And they are really good.

‘Dancing’ sports the dirt sleaze of SHOTGUN MESSIAH, but also its hooks and melodies. Then ‘Electric Shock’ is different, more straight forward like early CRAZY LIXX. And if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will hear many, many lyrical references to sleaze, glam, and hard rock bands from the Eighties – as example, the first six words of the album’s opening song references two of the greatest genre-defining bands ever!
So strap yourself in for an adrenaline-fueled and electrically charged forty minutes of high octane heavy-hitting sleazy hard rock.

‘Veni Vidi Ignis’ opens with the title song – a full-on and raucous romp of rampaging rock. The intense energy is phenomenal, with the singer’s throaty rasp of a vocal delivery perfectly suited to this type of down ‘n’ dirty sleaze. What a breathless opening!
D’OR have launched their debut album in sparkling style, keeping the old school flavor to the fore with ‘Scream’ – its slower tempo, highly menacing intro planting a little fear in the minds of listeners with its ALICE COOPER vibe.

The band hit the accelerator and motor on with the lively and up-tempo ‘Jack-In-The-Box’, loaded with an anthemic party feel. D’OR immediately lift the mood with ‘Future, Baby!’ – a raucous romp of hard-rocking rock ‘n’ roll. The faster pace, the lighter vibe, and the punchy rhythm are all gonna lift you up and want to rock and roll all night like it’s 1975 and you’re a glam rocker dressed to kill!

With the party atmosphere now in full swing, ‘Dancing’ is gonna have everyone spilling onto the dance floor, strutting their stuff like its Friday night at the local club – the band delivering a rousing soundtrack to every dancer throwing their shapes. This is one party where the dancing never ends, D’OR a relentless music machine delivering one of the most entertaining and infectious listening experiences ever.
Without dropping the intensity, the band power on with ‘Flashback’, a heavy hitter that majestically stamps its authority with a foot-stomping rhythm. More in your face than anything heard before ‘Flashback’ is a party igniter, getting the most tired of party-goers back up on their feet – no electric shock needed.
Toning down the party vibe just a little, ‘Electric Shock’ launches forth with an energetic buzz ripping straight through ya, leaving you in a heightened state of jubilation.

Picking up the pace and roaring into life, ‘Mr. Madman’ strides boldly forward, adopting a mid to high tempo, delivering a crescendo of hard-hitting sleaze rock that continues the album’s exhilarating listening experience, and insanely infectious intent.
D’OR are well on their way to punching a big hole in the worldwide hard rock arena – the band giving the middle finger to the aging American glam rocker who claims “rock is dead”. No, it ain’t dude, it’s well and truly alive, D’OR is testament to that.

Keeping the tempo high and the energy higher, ‘Rage Unbound’ is a bouncy and bombastic romp to get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. With its rabble-rousing nature bringing forth a rebellious streak, Swiss-based fans may have an overwhelming desire to flush their toilets after ten o’clock at night – an action commonly misinterpreted as illegal. But I thought it was a fun urban myth, and one that accurately sums up the rebellious nature of the band!

Anyway, the album’s final song is here – and amazingly, a rock album comes to an end without a single ballad in sight! Not that ballads are a bad thing, it’s just customary (usually) to include at least one.
D’OR bringing the curtain down on a breathless ride of rock with the most melodic song on offer ‘The Ticket’. So there’s just enough time for one last sing-along, to show off your rock ‘n’ roll dance moves, and party like it’s 1989…

”Veni Vidi Ignis” is a lively and boisterous charge of energetic hard rock to make you wanna stay up all night and party from dusk to dawn. It definitely rocks.
Highly Recommended


01 – Veni Vidi Ignis
02 – Scream
03 – Jack-In-The-Box
04 – Future, Baby!
05 – Dancing
06 – Flashback
07 – Electric Shock
08 – Mr. Madman
09 – Rage Unbound
10 – The Ticket

Andy Dormann – Guitars, Lead Vocals
René Meyer – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dave Roos Launchbury – Bass, Backing Vocals
Marcel Spiga – Drums



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