BOMBER – Nocturnal Creatures (2022)

BOMBER - Nocturnal Creatures (2022) full

Don your bandanas, leather jackets and distressed jeans, because classic hard rock is about to shine brighter than ever as Swedish newcomers BOMBER bring back the hottest era in metal history. Asserting their own trademark blend of 70s and 80s inspired classic metal and hard rock with catchy hooks, top-notch guitar solos and a vibrant aesthetic, Bomber brings you their debut album, ”Nocturnal Creatures”, via Napalm Records to be released on March 25.
Be prepared to be blown away as this 4-piece unleash a fiery explosion of classic hard rock here with a polished production and melodic shine. Those that crave the glory days of the genre will be presented with the re-incarnation of their dreams, as these aesthetic anthems of wild yet melodic guitar riffs are paired with powerful vocals so reminiscent of the greats, but with their own individual and modern twists.
Nocturnal Creatures” has the smell of a classic in the making; from the terrific songs & performances to the great cover art, this album is destined to be remembered in years to come.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Nocturnal Creatures
02 – Zarathustra
03 – Fever Eyes
04 – A Walk of Titans (Hearts Will Break)
05 – Black Pants Magic
06 – The Tiger
07 – You’ve Got Demons
08 – Hungry for Your Heart
09 – Kassiopeia
10 – Aurora

Anton Sköld – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Love Andersson – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Rasmus Grahn – Drums and Vocals
Max Huddén – Guitar and Vocals


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  1. Blake says:

    Can I make a request? Can you post the band named USA – 1982 Digitally Remastered version of the album?

    Here’s a link of that version

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