BABYLON A.D. – Nothing Sacred +3 [Bad Reputation Remastered] (2021) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

BABYLON A.D. - Nothing Sacred +3 [Bad Reputation Remastered] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

First time reissued in fully remastered form, here’s in exclusive the recent Bad Reputation Records release of BABYLON A.D. killer album “Nothing Sacred“, including 3 bonus tracks.
Babylon A.D. enjoyed a small success with their selftitled debut (1989) album and they still gained trust from Arista Records to release this second album in 1992. Their musical style here is like a collision between WARRANT and the smoky, locomotive rock and roll of AEROSMITH. They’re also heavily influenced by the classic rock acts such as LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC, and UFO.
Take a winning team, complete it with Tom Werman at the production helm, and you get a pretty awesome second chapter from the band.
This Bad Reputation remaster is awesome, including 3 bonus tracks live, two never previously released on CD including a cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Sick As a Dog’.

Standout tracks here are “Take The Dog Off The Chain”, “Psychedelic Sex Reaction”, “Dream Train”, and the absolute monstrous power ballad, “So Savage The Heart”.
At the time of this recording Babylon A.D. were a more mature unit, and you cant tell with the strong songwriting and arrangements. Just listen to ‘Redemption’… what a kick ass powerful sound.

“Nothing Sacred” is one of the latest releases from the genre in 1992 before the dark age in US rock begun… Killer CD all over, and a very welcomed punchy remastering job by Bad Reputation.

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01 – Take The Dog Off The Chain
02 – Bad Blood
03 – So Savage The Heart
04 – Sacrifice Your Love
05 – Redemption
06 – Down The River Of No Return
07 – Psychedelic Sex Reaction
08 – Dream Train
09 – Blind Ambition
10 – Slave Your Body
11 – Of The Rose
12 – Pray For The Wicked
13 – Pray For The Wicked (Live)
14 – Desperate (Live)
15 – Sick As A Dog (Live)

Derek Davis – vocals
Danny DeLaRosa – guitars, banjo
Ron Freschi – guitars, backing vocals
Robb Reid – bass, backing vocals
Jamey Pacheco – drums



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