INGLORIOUS – MMXXI Live at the Phoenix (2022)

INGLORIOUS - MMXXI Live at the Phoenix (2022) full

Out via Frontiers Music, “MMXXI Live at the Phoenix” is the first ever live release from the UK rockers INGLORIOUS. The performance (September 2021 at Exeter Phoenix in Exeter, UK) captures the British hard rockers unleashed on stage after being, like so many bands, stuck at home and unable to tour due to the worldwide pandemic.
A formidable live band to begin with, the added dose of adrenaline coming from being tigers unleashed from a cage makes for a stunning live performance showcasing songs from their four studio albums, Inglorious, II, Ride To Nowhere, and We Will Ride, and their most recent studio recording, the covers album Heroine.

The band’s lineup, gelled and cohesive after having toured for the band’s third album, writing and recording together for the fourth album, and the recording of their covers album, hit the stage on this tour with a passion and fury that can only come from being prevented from doing something you love for way too long.
And, thankfully, one of these performances was captured for hard rock fans around the world to be able to see and hear this incredible live band in action. “MMXXI Live At The Phoenix” is a much needed documentation of this powerful band in the live setting.
Highly Recommended


01 – She Won’t Let You Go (Live)
02 – Messiah (Live)
03 – Breakaway (Live)
04 – Where Are You Now (Live)
05 – Read All About It (Live)
06 – Barracuda (Live)
07 – Holy Water (Live)
08 – He Will Provide (Live)
09 – I Don’t Need Your Loving (Live)
10 – We Will Ride (Live)
11 – Until I Die (Live)

Nathan James – Lead Vocals
Danny De La Cruz – Guitar
Dan Stevens – Guitar
Vinnie Colla – Bass Guitar
Phil Beaver- Drums, Percussion


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