FIREHOUSE – The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994 [Digitally Remastered] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

FIREHOUSE - The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994 [Digitally Remastered] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Music for the Masses just released this 2-disc digipak “The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994“, comprising all the recordings from Italian AOR / melodic rockers FIREHOUSE. Not to be confused with the famous American band of the same name, this Firehouse (from Milan) actually came first (formed 1985) and released two albums, with the self-titled debut coming out in 1987 and ‘Labyrinth’ in 1994 before they split.
Long time out of print both albums fetched exorbitant prices at auction sites, even the 1987 debut never was released on CD until now, completely remastered and out in a limited numbered edition.
Musically first album ‘Firehouse’ is very AOR driven in a style very close to EUROPE, still including hard rocking songs, while ‘Labyrinth’ has that early Nineties melodic hard rock feel with sharper guitar work. Both records are really rather good AOR / Melodic Rock with a great collection of hook laden songs and delivered in great style by a band that deserved better promotion & marketing.

Besides the EUROPE & Scandi influences this Italian FIREHOUSE really does sound so American (especially second album) with frontman Enzo Caruso being ‘very Eighties’ with accent free and perfectly delivered English vocals over, while Franco lays down an array of ever impressive solos and riffs.

For sure, there is a retro feel to the material but due to the fact that there are still so many melodic rock bands around means that the music has actually aged very well and sounds just as fresh and vibrant today as it would have when first released.
1987’s ‘Firehouse’ production has that typical reverb loads from the era and while little thin production this remaster takes the best of it, while 1994’s ‘Labyrinth’ is more robust and punchy.

FIREHOUSE - The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994 [Digitally Remastered] back

There will be people out there overjoyed with this re-release and a chance to get a fresh copy, and for the rest of us it gives us a chance to listen to a fine collection of cool AOR tunes from yesteryear, also if you are into melodic rock then there is much here to enjoy and savour.
The digipak is only being released in a very small edition of 300 which may be a mistake as I’m sure that many more will want a piece of this when they hear some songs – if not, I hope that the record label will release it on streaming and digital platforms, as to celebrate “The Story Of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987-1994” the band – still active – re-recorded 2021 the ’87 song ‘The Secret of the Sky’ given as bonus with the purchase.
Highly Recommended

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CD 1 : Firehouse 1987
01 – Overture 987
02 – The Secret of the Sky
03 – Open Your Wall
04 – Way Out for Freedom
05 – Pray
06 – Tyme to Fly
07 – Dreaming Black
08 – Break the Ponds
09 – The Day of Your Power
10 – House of the Fire
11 – This Is My Life
12 – The Secret of the Sky (2021 VERSION digital bonus)

CD 2 : Labyrinth 1994
01 – I Need The Fire
02 – Calling Your Name
03 – In My Eyes
04 – Striking
05 – Running Into Danger
06 – The Prince Of Darkness
07 – Labyrinth
08 – A Dream Again
09 – Stonework
10 – Fly By Night
11 – The Color Of Your Kiss

Enzo Caruso – Vocals, Keyboards
Franco “Frank” Caruso – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Marco Panzardi, Paola Casalini – Bass
Corrado Ciceri – Drums, Backing Vocals
Gianluca Scollo – Drums
Giuliano Airaghi – Keyboards



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