LILLIAN AXE – Lillian Axe [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

LILLIAN AXE - Lillian Axe [Rock Candy remastered] (2017) full

Two of the most underrated – but widely respected – releases of the late ‘80s were undoubtedly the first pair of albums by New Orleans-based hard rock outfit LILLIAN AXE. Now Rock Candy Records have provided their ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ treatment to them shaped from 24 BIT digital technology.
The band’s self-titled debut, 1988’s “Lillian Axe” is just a killer rockin’ record, and has been immensely benefited by this fresh remaster.

The late ’80s were a golden time for hard rock, especially in North America. Bands were getting signed by the bucket load. Radio and MTV was full of the sound of a musical revolution whilst concert halls were packed to the rafters with fans who just couldn’t get enough of wild guitars, wailing vocals and shout-it-out-loud songs.
On paper, Lillian Axe had everything going for them – hooks, looks and enough energy to power a nation. Why they didn’t become a household name remains a mystery.

Lillian Axe – which been led since their inception in 1983 by guitarist Steve Blaze – formed in New Orleans, and establishing themselves as local heroes the band went through a variety of line ups, before settling on the Lillian Axe moniker and being spotted and courted by RATT’s manager Marshall Berle, who brokered a recording deal with MCA.

LILLIAN AXE - Lillian Axe [Rock Candy remastered] (2017) disc

Part of the arrangement was that RATT guitarist Robbin Crosby would produce the album, a situation that worked out well for everyone involved.

Recorded in Los Angeles and released in early 1988, the record sat proud alongside other releases of the time boasting material that went hand in glove with the prevailing zeitgeist. Tracks such as ‘Dream Of A Lifetime’, ‘Vision In The Night’ and ‘The More That You Get’, demonstrate just how accomplished their songwriting was.
Sadly, however, due to a regime change at their recording label, the record was cast aside with the new powers, strangely, insisting that they record a follow-up record rather than work the existing release. Sadly this release never got its deserved day in the sun.

LILLIAN AXE - Lillian Axe [Rock Candy remastered] (2017) back

Lillian Axe were a different beast from the US hard rock scene in the lat ’80s, with catchy material but plenty of substance and elaborated arrangements.I know many of you reading this never heard Lillian Axe before, and you are missing a superb band and album.
This Rock Candy remaster is great as this record in particular needed a beef-up, and nos feels punchy, vital.
Be aware there’s a ‘fake remaster’ version floating the web, this is the real one as always brought to you by 0dayrox.
HIGHLY Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Dream Of A Lifetime
02 – Inside Out
03 – Vision In The Night
04 – Picture Perfect
05 – The More That You Get
06 – Misery Loves Company
07 – Nobody Knows
08 – Hard Luck
09 – Waiting In The Dark
10 – Laughing In Your Face

Ron Taylor – lead vocals
Stevie Blaze – lead guitar
Jon Ster – rhythm guitar, keyboards
Rob Stratton – bass
Danny King – drums
produced by Robbin Crosby



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