CAUGHT IN ACTION – Devil’s Tango (2022) – Devil’s Tango (2022)

CAUGHT IN ACTION - Devil's Tango (2022) full

Devil’s Tango” is the title of CAUGHT IN ACTION, a new Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR band formed by experienced musicians whom have been played an active part of the Rock scene in Scandinavia for more than three decades. They all have had separate careers in different bigger and smaller local bands as well as they worked as backing-musicians for guesting stars on live stage or in the studio.
With various successful gigs on their shoulders, and with the pandemic hiatus, they finally decided that it was the right time to release an album that could include their musical influences (ranging from Deep Purple, Journey, to Magnum, Danger Danger) with an updated sound, still keeping their big ’80s roots strong.
We find here high quality Melodic Rock as as heard on songs like title track ‘Devil’s Tango’, the powerful and at the same time exquisite ‘Miracle’, or the impressive mis-tempo AOR of ‘First Time’.

Guitarist and main composer Richard Jönsson together with keyboardist Ronnie Svard are the founders of Caught In Action, who found in the Portuguese Marcello the vocalist they needed to carry out what they had in mind.
The band is completed with Ménito Ramos on keyboards, bassist Ricardo Dikk and drummer Mauro Ramos.

Other highlights include the fluffy ‘New York City’, ‘It Is What It Is’ and ‘Simple Man’, with Marcello delivering a great vocal performance covering 6 octaves with his range. Of course we need a ballad and there’s a couple of very fine being our favorite ‘It Was Always You’ which feels like composed in 1989 but with a modern, polished current production.
‘Closer To My Dream’ is a more intricate song in terms of arrangements but without losing its appeal.

Coming out of nowhere, CAUGHT IN ACTION is more than a pleasant surprise and we hope “Devil’s Tango” will have enough promotion to reach as many fans as possible.
This horrible pandemic pushed few good things, one of these is CAUGHT IN ACTION.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – New York City
02 – Miracle
03 – Devil’s Tango
04 – Simple Man
05 – Too Late For Love
06 – It Was Always You
07 – First Time
08 – If Only
09 – It Is What It Is
10 – Gave You My Heart
11 – I Will Wait
12 – Closer To My Dreams

Richard Jönsson – guitars, vocals
Ronnie Svard – keys, synths
Marcello – lead vocals
Ménito Ramos – keys
Ricardo Dikk – bass
Mauro Ramos – drums



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