DIRTY LOOKS – I Want More ’87 [FnA remaster + bonus] HQ

DIRTY LOOKS - I Want More '87 [FnA remaster + bonus] HQ full

To complete DIRTY LOOKS ’80s underrated albums, here’s the band third indie album ”I Want More” from 1987 before being signed by major labal Atlantic originally released on the band’s own Sticky Records, and finally released on CD for the first time by FnA Records including bonus tracks, a release approved by vocalist Henrik Ostergaard before his untimely death.
After two solid, rocking albums DIRTY LOOKS built a name for themselves and a respectable following. Then in 1987, the band forged forward with the release of their third full length album, ‘I Want More…’ and more is what the band would get.
The single ‘Oh Ruby’ got the attention of major radio station and received heavy airplay. Major labels started calling: EMI, Elecktra, Chrysallis, and Atlantic all put in their bids – Atlantic won… and the rest is history as they would say. Dirty Looks saw MTV Airplay, worldwide tours, major recording budgets, and an era that ushered Hard Rock into the mainstream.

Originally out in 1987 ”I Want More” was ultimately the album that got the band noticed to a larger audience and the major label deal with Atlantic. In fact six of the ten cuts made it onto ‘Cool From The Wire’, so there is quite a bit of overlap.
Considering the lyrical content of the lead-off track ‘Fuck you…I Want More’ it is not surprising that that song didn’t make the cut for the major label! The treat on this one is for fans to hear the subtle differences in production and delivery between the now familiar songs.

The other major plus are the other songs exclusive to this album and the two unreleased tracks into this reissue in the form of the demos ‘Smell The Gasoline’ and ‘Narcissist’.
The sound quality is fine but taken from cassette, as not only the master was lost, the band / Ostergaard doesn’t even has a vinyl LP pressing as source.

If you are new to the band this might be the reissue to start with, it has many songs that later became the ‘classics’ of the Dirty Look’s catalogue and the band have really started to solidify their signature style, on this, their third album.
Boozy ballads, rumbling rockers, all topped off by Henrik’s unique and awesome delivery this band should have been bigger.
This FnA release of “I Want More” is out of print, with copies being sold for around $200.
Highly Recommended


01. Fuck You… I Want More
02. Tokyo
03. Oh Ruby
04. Put A Spell On You
05. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
06. Too Bad
07. Not The Way You Rock
08. It’s A Bitch
09. Let Me Go
10. Undercover
11. Smell The Gasoline {Bonus Track}
12. Narcissist {Bonus Track}

Henrik Ostergaard – Vocals, Guitars
Paul Lidel – Lead Guitars
Jack Pyers – Bass
Steve McConell – Drums


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