JONATHAN CAIN – Arise (2022)

JONATHAN CAIN - Arise (2022) full

While very busy written & recording the new music with his band JOURNEY – which will release its first album of all new songs in over a decade, “Freedom”, on July 8 – JONATHAN CAIN found time to release his new solo album “Arise“.
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee keyboardist, singer and songwriter, apart of his work with journey and songwriting collaborations for the biggest names in the industry during the last four decades, has a solid solo career.
Cain has spent decades pouring out his musical gifts in front of huge audiences, but when not touring, he can be found serving his home church and has never been more fulfilled than in his role as worship leader. And his music has a strong religious lyric message.
Musically, “Arise” is an uplifting, melodic rock& pop album with a light AOR feel, impeccably recorded, mixed & produced.

Those who haven’t heard Cain’s solo efforts may be surprised to find that, much like the better part of his back catalog to date, the most recent project sounds very little like the music he wrote for, and now plays with, Journey. There isn’t a spritely arena-sized pop gem on the order of “Separate Ways” or “Any Way You Want It” – much less an all-out rocker like “Chain Reaction” or “Edge of the Blade” – anywhere to be found.
But, while such an exclusion might well pique the interest of Journey fans who migrate to slower Perry/Cain/Schon compositions like “I’ll Be Alright Without You” and “When You Love a Woman”.

Cain’s newest record finds the talented composer quietly going about the business of crafting the soothing, heartfelt music that he so obviously enjoys. And while his voice is no match for Steve Perry or any of Journey’s subsequent substitutes, there’s an instant connection that comes from getting this intimate of a glimpse into the soul of a genuine superstar.


01 – Roar
02 – Beautiful Thunder
03 – Arise
04 – Oh Lord Lead Us
05 – Upper Room
06 – Something Greater
07 – No One But You Jesus
08 – Pour Myself Out
09 – Worship Our Way
10 – Pray to the Father
11 – Freedom In Your Grace


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