JOEY C. JONES – Joey C. Jones And The Glory Hounds [2018 reissue]

JOEY C. JONES - Joey C. Jones And The Glory Hounds [2018 reissue] full

After rocking in the ’80s Sunset Strip scene fronting SWEET SAVAGE, vocalist JOEY C. JONES was part of different projects, one of these named NEEDLE PARK, the short-lived band of ex POISON guitarist C.C. DeVille. Then Jones and drummer in that band, Adam Hamilton (who later would play bass for LA GUNS), put together JOEY C. JONES And The Glory Hounds.
The band’s self-titled debut CD came out on small label TNT Records in 1993, a time when radio and MTV stop playing this type of music so it went largely unnoticed. Fortunately, the album has been recently reissued.
And the type of music into ”Joey C. Jones And The Glory Hounds” is catchy melodic rock / pop-rock plenty of melodies and hooky choruses – some kind of a mix between CHEAP TRICK, POISON, ENUFF Z’ NUFF, etc.

The songs are very well written, the kind of tunes that can get stuck in your head for days, especially the lead off track “Hello” with its trashy CHEAP TRICK refrain. Interestingly, the CHEAP TRICK connection takes on a different tone with the song “Wait All Night” – the first single from this album – it was written by Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen.
C.C. DeVille ended up getting co-writing credit for the rocking number “Broadway”, a song from the NEEDLE PARK days. ”Wait All Night”, ”Talk To Me” and ”How Much, How Soon” have a certain ENUFF Z’ NUFF feeling, while, at places, Jones voice brings to mind Mark Slaughter.

Every song has a memorable chorus, solid musicianship and a polished production courtesy of Dito Godwin (PETER CRISS, WILDSIDE) who also contributed guitar, percussion, backing vocals, etc. A very good album that belongs to the second half of the Eighties in terms of songwriting & style.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hello
02 – Wait All Night
03 – Kiss The World
04 – She Loves
05 – The Role You Know So Well
06 – All I Need To Know
07 – Thinkin’ Bout You
08 – It’s Everywhere
09 – Talk To Me
10 – Broadway
11 – How Much, How Soon
12 – Castles In The

Joey C. Jones – lead and backing vocals
Adam Hamilton – drums, acoustic guitar
Craig Bradford – lead guitar
Les Farrington, Doug Shawe – keyboards
Christopher Torok, Rusti Van Velsen – bass
Dito Godwin – guitar, percussion, backing vocals, producer



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