KEYS (Mark Mangold of Drive She Said) – Keys (2022)

KEYS (Mark Mangold of Drive She Said) - Keys (2022) full

KEYS is a collaboration between keyboardist Mark Mangold (Touch, Drive She Said, Michael Bolton, Cher, Paul Rogers and others) and singer Jake E (Cyhra, Amarenthe, and others), which self-titled debut “Keys” is being released by Escape Music.
Featuring live performances with three keyboardists using a huge battery of keyboards, this ambitious band brings keyboard and instrumental prowess to new heights while playing songs that run the gamut from scathing progressive melodic forays to catchy and melodic rock anthems led by keyboards… and Jake’s award winning voice (Burrn Magazine Vocalist of the Year 2020).

Mark met Jake when his band Cyhra needed a place to stay and record in 2019, which turned out to be in Mark’s studio in New York. They collaborated on a song for the Cyhra album and decided to record the KEYS album when Mark presented some songs to Jake.
The band recorded the album, made up of songs penned by the duo during the pandemic and finished it up during early 2021. The KEYS album also features guest keyboard additions by Charlie Calv of Angel, with “moral” support by some notable, but unmentionable, keyboard players.

Showing the versatility of keyboards in this day and age, these artfully crafted songs are ripe with scathing synth and organ pyrotechnics, dazzling time signatures and drumming, bombastic choruses and even guitar riffs, played on keyboards with the now available plug in’s that perfectly emulate guitars.
As Mark and Jake are first and foremost award winning songwriters, they never lose sight of the composition and melodies, though couched in the very signature and distinct sound of the band and Jake’s 4 octave vocal range.

As fan of keyboards, piano, synths, etc I really enjoyed this album, properly titled ‘Keys’. There’s strong songwriting and clean vocals all over very melodic tunes with a lot of Pomp AOR on it.
A unique album and music for sure.
Highly Recommended


01 – When Shadows Fall
02 – Tear It Down
03 – For Your Love
04 – Feast Of Lies
05 – Angelfire
06 – RIP
07 – Sparrow
08 – Goodtimes
09 – Raise Your Head
10 – Scathe
11 – Cries and Whispers
12 – The World Can Wait

JAKE E. – Vocals
MARK MANGOLD – Keyboards, drums
CHARLIE CALV – Additional Keyboards
GREGG GIUFFRIA (uncredited) – Synths



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