MEGASNAKE – Charming (2022)

MEGASNAKE - Charming (2022) full

Charming” is the debut album from new Finnish band MEGASNAKE, a traditional hard rock quartet formed by experienced musicians from the local scene; well known drummer Teijo ”Twist Twist” Erkinharju from Leningrad Cowboys, Peer G√ľnt and very good rockers Ancara, guitarist Samuel Hjelt (Kings Of Modesty, ex- Ancara), bassist Henrik Tuura (Kings Of Modesty, Killer Kachina) and vocalist Tipe Johnson (Monsterbore).
Taking influences from the ’70s / ’80s hard rock sound, MegaSnake delivers here kick ass set of songs driven by killer riffs, monster groove and classy vocals in the vein of David Coverdale and David Reece.

According to the band, the main focus when MegaSnake was formed was to write and play the music all members love: no trends, no pointing to modern radio, no bullshit.
The only bad thing here is the cover art (a painting from a band member) and perhaps the band name, but the music… this ole school classic hard rock the way we like it, and served with a crisp production.
Killer stuff from Finland.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sun Don’t Shine
02 – Shame on Me
03 – My Window
04 – All in Good Time
05 – Another Lesson Learned
06 – Stone River
07 – Don’t
08 – HeVil

Tipe Johnson – lead vocals
Samuel Hjelt – guitars, backing vocals
Henrik Tuura – bass
Teijo -Twist Twist- Erkinharju – drums



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