ARDOURS – Anatomy Of A Moment (2022)

ARDOURS - Anatomy Of A Moment (2022) full

Frontiers Music Srl will release next Friday the sophomore release from female-fronted rockers ARDOURS, titled “Anatomy Of A Moment“. Formed by Tristania singer Mariangela Demurtas and multi-instrumentalist / producer Kris Laurent, Ardours offers a beautiful, haunting sound straddling the lines between rock, metal, and gothic atmospheres. As with their debut album, Mariangela’s fellow Tristania member Tarald Lie contributes to the songwriting on “Anatomy Of A Moment”, teaming with the band’s core members for another exciting and creative album.
Mariangela’s vision was for Ardours to be a melting pot of different personalities to add to the unique flavor of the songwriting, so she decided to ask to Tristania’s drummer/lyricist Tarald Lie to participate in the creation of the band’s music.
The mix of these three personalities/musical elements has resulted in a fresh and promising style slightly different to Ardours debut.

On “Anatomy Of A Moment”, the dark atmosphere created in the mesh of the lyrics and the catchy melodies create a simultaneously energetic, yet dream-like sound that can calm and energize you, depending on your mood. Vocally, Mariangela’s goal is to be expressive without being technical so that she can give a more nostalgic sound to the lyrics.
Ardours has rock and ’80s influences, including a bit of new wave sound, a genre that Mariangela and Kris love. An you can tell that on this new album.
A different band, quite original and refreshing.
Highly Recommended


01 – Epitaph for a Spark
02 – Insomniac
03 – Identified
04 – Secret Worlds
05 – Cold Revenge
06 – Given
07 – Anatomy of a Moment
08 – Dead Weight
09 – Unannounced
10 – Chasing Whispers

Mariangela Demurtas – Vocals
Kris Laurent – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards


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