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BLACKFOOT - Siogo [Music On CD reissue 2022] HQ full

Specialized European label Music On CD has just re-issued BLACKFOOT‘s sixth album, 1983’s “Siogo“, featuring the latest remastering (2006) available. “Siogo” marked a new chapter in Blackfoot impressive career: first, they updated the band’s musical approach according to times in favor to a more commercial rocking style, and second, they incorporated into the line-up unique keyboardist Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) who added additional texture to their sound.
For “Siogo” the band utilized the services of producer Al Nalli (who also worked for Axe’s excellent LP ‘Nemesis’) so expect a similar bright, polished metallic album sound here. Although not entirely typical for Blackfoot’s Southern Rock sound of the late Seventies, this album is one of the very few which seamlessly combine both the melodic and the energizing sides of hard rock.

Indeed, “Siogo” is primo American bluesy hard rock. Powerful performances send openers “Send Me an Angel,” “Run for Cover,” and “Drivin’ Fool” to lofty hard rock heights. “We’re Goin’ Down” nips the riff from “Double Vision,” while “Goin’ in Circles” and the micro-hit “Teenage Idol” thunder like late Rainbow.
“Heart’s Grown Cold” treats the Nazareth dirge like a lost classic, and virtually transforms it into one as a result. There’s fantastic guitar solos all over the LP and the vocals of Rick Medlocke never sounded clearer.

Siogo would be founding guitarist Charlie Hargrett’s finale; he was disgruntled at the band’s bandwagon-jumping; but the record remains a great blast of hard-working heaviness, which definitely deserves this reissue on CD.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Send Me An Angel
02 – Crossfire
03 – Heart’s Grown Cold
04 – We’re Goin’ Down
05 – Teenage Idol
06 – Goin’ In Circles
07 – Run For Cover
08 – White Man’s Land
09 – Sail Away
10 – Drivin’ Fool

Ricky “Rattlesnake” Medlocke – vocals, guitars
Greg T. Walker – bass, background vocals
Charlie Hargrett – acoustic & electric guitars
Jakson Spires – percussion, background vocals
Ken Hensley – keyboards, slide guitar, background vocals
Michael Osborne, Lala – backing vocals



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  1. melodified says:

    This is a very good and raw to the bone heavy southern rock album. Thanks for the review!

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