BON JOVI – Wembley Archives 85-95 (2022)

BON JOVI - Wembley Archives 85-95 (2022) full

The Media Champ is releasing “Wembley Archives 85-95“, an album compiling several BON JOVI shows the band did in UK taken from different radio broadcast. Of course this is an unofficial release but really worth the addition into your collection as the sound quality is very good.
“Wembley Archives 85-95” was previously released however this 2022 has better mastering and the songs flow perfectly into each other.
You can hear many Bon Jovi classics here like ‘Bad Medicine’ and ‘Runaway’ but also ‘inside cuts’ like ‘Wild In The Streets’, ‘Dry County’ or ‘Blood On Blood’, plus Richie Sambora doing a version of his solo song ‘Stranger In This Town’, and a cover of Boomtown Rats ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’, with lead singer Bob Geldof performing the song with Jon.
Highly Recommended


01 – Wild In The Streets (live)
02 – Keep The Faith (live)
03 – Blood On Blood (live)
04 – Always (live)
05 – I’d Die For You (live)
06 – Blaze Of Glory (live)
07 – Runaway (live)
08 – Dry County (live)
09 – Lay Your Hands On Me (live)
10 – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Including Jumpin’ Jackflash) (live)
11 – Bad Medicine (Including Shout) (live)
12 – Bed Of Roses (live)
13 – Hey God (live)
14 – These Days (live)
15 – Rockin’ All Over The World (live)
16 – I Don’t Like Mondays (live)
17 – Wanted Dead Or Alive (live)
18 – Stranger In This Town (live)
19 – Someday, I’ll Be Saturday Night (live)
20 – This Ain’t A Love Song (live)

Jon Bon Jovi (lead vocals, guitar)
Richie Sambora (guitar, backing vocals)
Tico Torres (drums)
David Bryan (keyboards, backing vocals)
Alec John Such (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Hugh McDonald (bass, backing vocals)
Steven Van Zandt (guitar, backing vocals)
Bob Geldof (backing vocals)



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