ROBERT TEPPER – Feels Like Monday (2022)

ROBERT TEPPER - Feels Like Monday (2022) full

On Saturday July 30th, ROBERT TEPPER will be releasing a new album entitled ”Feels Like Monday”. Tepper, 72, will be sharing this release via Facebook Live, a first for the rock musician, demonstrating he’s updating to times.
While Tepper is best known for the 1986 hit song “No Easy Way Out” as heard on the Rocky IV soundtrack, as well as the 1980 hit “Into the Night” that he penned with singer Benny Mardones, he has been writing music all the time, being his latest album 2019’s ‘Better Than The Rest’.
Tepper musical style has been updated too – don’t worry, ”Feels Like Monday” is classic rock&pop – but the booming sound from the ’80s is part of the past.
He hasn’t lost the gusto and ability to write a good song though; the new album is warm, still featuring melodic rockers, mixed with pop ballads, acoustic Americana, bluesy melodies, a little electronica, and more.

Opener, title track ‘Feels Like Monday’ is a very melodic midtempo with beautiful clean guitars and a solid Tepper vocal performance, just a little hoarse but still able to deliver his characteristic tone. ‘This Is The Last Time’ is semi-ballad with nice harmonies where the guitar / keyboard mix in the background is pleasant. Strong songwriting on this one.

‘Shaken Like A Leaf On A Tree’ is plnety of melodic guitars, backing vocals and that legendary voice. A song ’80s Tepper fans will love at first listen. ‘Gonna Leave It All Up To You’ is a delicate acoustic number, with some Americana feel which suits Robert very well.
‘Golden Ring’ is more rock, with a defined rhythm, same as ‘Ain’t No Rules For A Pretty Girl’, both good songs.

‘Oh Arkansas’ is a simple acoustic tune but not less effective, with cool guitar descending arpeggios and Tepper’s soft performance. ‘She’s A Place I Go’ is a midpaced track with a classic rock aura, then ‘The Man I’ve Become’ is just Rob voice and a piano, a voice and a story, and it’s beautiful.
Next there’s a change of style with ‘One Of A Kind’, a rock’n’roll with distorted guitars but still melodic. A few keyboards here and there and a catchy chorus.

‘Shady Town’ is driven by a rock riff and a steady rhythm section. Good one. ‘Looking For The Love’ is a ballad, a sweet slow track where piano and acoustic guitar join Robert’s voice. There’s suave strings and keyboards too.
With a clean, open production Robert Tepper has created in ”Feels Like Monday” which is perhaps his more ‘singer-songwriter’ album, with all songs written & arranged by himself. It’s good, it’s personal, enjoyable classic rock&pop stuff.
Highly Recommended


01 – Feels Like Monday
02 – This Is the Last Time
03 – Shaken Like A Leaf On A Tree
04 – Gonna Leave It All Up To You
05 – Golden Ring
06 – Ain’t No Rules For A Pretty Girl
07 – Oh, Arkansas
08 – She’s A Place I Go
09 – The Man I’ve Become
10 – One of a Kind
11 – Shady Town
12 – Dull Grey Morning
13 – Looking for the Love
14 – Tell Me How This Puzzle Goes
15 – Any Other Way



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