DREAMTIDE – Drama Dust Dream (2022) *The Real One = 0dayrox Exclusive*

DREAMTIDE - Drama Dust Dream (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Now we have here (release date July 22nd) in exclusive “Drama Dust Dream“, the upcoming album from DREAMTIDE, their first album with Pride & Joy Music.
Dreamtideā€˜s goal did not change over the years; the group’s fourth studio album is a 12 track effort of classic melodic hard rock with a sound & style akin founder guitarist Helge Engelke other bands like ZENO and FAIR WARNING.
Formed by Engelke as a FAIR WARNING side project, at the end of the Nineties DREAMTIDE grew so much that he decided to give it a full development, and the band managed to be signed by major Melodic Rock labels Frontiers and then AOR Heaven releasing three very good albums.

After many years freeze, DREAMTIDE are back next month with this strong new album, including long time members Olaf Senkbeil (vocals) and Torsten Luederwaldt (keyboards, vocals) alongside newbies bassist Lars Lehmann (known from works with UFO to Uli Roth, everything in between and beyond) plus drummer Horst Guntram Schlag.
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01. Stop Being Deep
02. Spin
03. Around
04. Ni Dos Ni Agua
05. All Of Us
06. Merciless Sun
07. Dawn
08. One Rule
09. Drop The Curtain
10. A Fairy Prank
11. For The Fairies
12. Leisure Saints

Olaf Senkbeil (vocals)
Helge Engelke (guitars)
Torsten Luederwaldt (keyboards, vocals)
Lars Lehmann (bass)
Host Guntram Schlag (drums)


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