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GATHERING OF KINGS - Enigmatic (2022) full

Swedish melodic hard rockers GATHERING OF KINGS‘ third studio album ”Enigmatic” will be released on July 29th via RN Records. The songs were written & produced by the band’s guitarist Victor Olsson, then mixed and mastered by award-winning producer Thomas “Plec” Johansson in Skövde, Sweden.
What can I say about GOK… just love everything they have created so far, and ”Enigmatic” isn’t an exception. The superlatives have hailed over Gathering Of Kings, which takes you straight back to the golden age of 80s melodic hard rock and it is without a doubt one of the hottest acts in Sweden.
The album features a guest appearance from the Swedish pop group One More Time. Its members are the singers Nanne Grönvall, one of the most beloved and popular artists in Sweden, Maria Rådsten and Peter Grönvall, the son of ABBA‘s Benny Andersson, on keyboards. This bring even more freshness to GOK’s irresistible music.
Awesome new CD


01 – Galacticus
02 – Vagabond Rise
03 – Here Be Dragons
04 – Firefly
05 – How The Mighty Have Fallen
06 – A Rainbow And A Star
07 – The Prophecy
08 – Feed You My Love (feat. One More Time)
09 – Clone Trooper
10 – Long Kiss Goodnight
11 – New Life
12 – Lionheart
13 – Fool’s Cabaret (CD bonus track)

Jonny Lindkvist – Vocals
Rick Altzi – Vocals
Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals
Tobias Jansson – Vocals
Alexander Frisborg – Vocals
Victor Olsson – Guitar
Magnus Mild – Guitar
Mikael Planefeldt – Bass
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
Efraim Larsson – Drums
Joel Selsfors – Keyboards

Special Guests: ONE MORE TIME
Nanne Grönvall – Vocals on Feed You My Love
Maria Rådsten – Vocals on Feed You My Love
Peter Grönvall – Keyboards on Feed You My Love


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  1. Dok says:

    Thanks!! Seems like the volume got turned down on trk 3, & 4, did the band do that bad on mastering that there is a volume level difference
    Volume back up on trk 5

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