HIGHWAY SENTINELS (members of Alcatrazz, Accept, Joe Satriani, Tracii Guns & more) – The Waiting Fire (2022)

HIGHWAY SENTINELS (members of Alcatrazz, Accept, Joe Satriani, Tracii Guns & more) - The Waiting Fire (2022) full

New American super group HIGHWAY SENTINELS will release their debut album “The Waiting Fire” via Louder Than Loud Records next Friday. Highway Sentinels consists of David Reece (vocals, Bangalore Choir, ex Accept), Alcatrazz’s Steven Rosen (guitars) & Jimmy Waldo (keys); Donnie Van Stavern (bass, Riot V); Mark Zonder (drums, Fates Warning, Warlord).
And there’s more; among the famous and talented guests we find Joe Satriani, Tracii Guns, Bumblefoot, Paul Gilbert, Mike Flyntz, Joe Stump, Herman Frank…
Highway Sentinels is a project created by Steven Rosen and Jimmy Waldo. Steven, himself a legendary author, journalist and guitar enthusiast going back to the 1970s, be it traveling on a plane with Led Zeppelin or as a close friend of Eddie Van Halen; he has always been at the forefront of rock journalism and its surrounding culture.
Jimmy Waldo, founding member of Alcatrazz and New England, as well as having performed and recorded with the likes of Quiet Riot, Vinnie Vincent, Pretty Maids, WASP, Skull, The Scream and many more; Jimmy has an astounding resume and a catalog of recorded music few can rival.

During the lockdown of 2021 the two men set about recording a batch of songs that they had been working on for a number of years, some dating back even decades were brought into the mix. The right vocalist had to be found as the guys wanted one consistent singer throughout to tie it all together.
And while there are a number of highly skilled guest guitarists on this record, the guys felt it important to also present this as a band-union so it not come across as yet another “chuck all these guys together and see what happens” type of project.
Each guest soloist was chosen for the song, rather than “name value” alone.

David Reece was this vocalist, his work with Accept, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and as a solo artist speaks for itself… he was given complete freedom to write lyrics and vocal melodies.
A couple of songs come from the past, “Afterlife” and “We Won’t Be Forgotten” come from Jimmy’s past with Blackthorne, and “Victim Of The Night” a song David had recorded with Bangalore Choir which never found its way onto the classic debut of that band.

Mark Zonder on drums brings an enormous pedigree to the record, known worldwide as the longtime drummer of Fates Warning and Warlord as well as the newly launched A-Z band with Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder it all made sense to have Zonder be the featured drummer on this record.
On bass we have Donnie Van Stavern, from the much loved metal legends Riot, Donnie’s involvement means that no one has to worry about the bottom end falling out of a song, or having to have the guitarist re-cut the bass parts in a backroom somewhere… Donnie only plays one way… and that is go for the throat full on metal.

Obviously, having Rosen & Waldo as songwriters, you can expect a strong ’80s feel both in sonic approach and arrangements, very hard rocking on numbers such as “I’m a Loser”, “Victim Of The Night”, or “How To Be Real”.
However there’s some details, especially the guitar sound, where some tracks are much more modern metallic and that’s quite a (welcomed) surprise. This is heard on songs like “Love And Hate” and “Afterlife”.

One of our favorites should be “Tortured Soul”, which is driven by a totally captivating melody and where Reece shines at he mic.
Of course there’s variation, and on “All Comes Trashing Down” or “I Don’t Care Anymore”, Highway Sentinels gets more midtempo oriented, with main melodies bordering AOR.

Unexpected but really welcomed, it’s great to hear talented veterans Steven Rosen & Jimmy Waldo returning with this solid project, supported by top class musicians – there’s some killer guest solos by Joe Satriani, Tracii Guns, Bumblefoot – and a more than solid set of songs.
HIGHWAY SENTINELS really rocks, with a classy rockin’ hard rock groove…
Highly Recommended


01 – I’m A Loser
02 – Face In The Crowd
03 – Afterlife
04 – Love And Hate
05 – Victim Of The Night
06 – Tortured Soul
07 – We Won’t Be Forgotten
08 – All Comes Trashing Down
09 – I Don’t Care Anymore
10 – Not Too Late
11 – How To Be Real
12 – Hell In A Handbasket

David Reece – Vocals
Steven Rosen – Guitars
Jimmy Waldo – Keys
Donnie Van Stavern – Bass
Mark Zonder – Drums
Joe Satriani – Guitar solo
Tracii Guns – Guitar solo
Bumblefoot – Guitar solo
Paul Gilbert – Guitar solo
Mike Flyntz – Guitar solo
Joe Stump – Guitar solo
Herman Frank – Guitar solo


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