MISS CRAZY – Clones [Eonian Records release] (2022)

MISS CRAZY - Clones [Eonian Records release] (2022) full

Eonian Records is releasing M!SS CRAZY’s new studio album ”Clones”, the tenth overall from the American hard rock band formed fifteen years ago.
A generation ago, historic rock artists like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and KISS showed our parents that they were no longer living in the ’50s or ’60s. These iconic bands incorporated stunning imagery and stage theatrics to elevate the standards of rock performance worldwide. Fast forward to 2007, and a young, new band named MISS CRAZY arrived on the musical landscape to reignite the flame of classic hard rock.
Headed up by singer / songwriter Markus Allen Christopher, the new album offers 10 tracks that both rekindles the ‘80s Arena Rock sound & attitude and takes the sound and song structures to a modern approach adding fresh elements for the genre.

M!SS CRAZY takes that ‘80s hair metal formula and kicks it up a notch in a few places. First, Markus Allen Christopher, best known in past releases for his vocal presentation being very similar to Tom Kieffer (Cinderella), has sanded off much of his rasp in favor for thicker, more soothing vocal sound. The change (done for whatever reason) works fine and gives many of the songs a feeling of confidence and purpose.
Musically, many of the tracks proceed forward like medieval warriors on iron-clad horses … there’s deliberate and uninhibited power and chugging within the riffs and chord patterns, but also catchy melodies and choruses that make you want to crank it up with the windows down for everyone else around you to hear.

However the band try to add new twists to this type of rock ‘n’ roll to make it more interesting. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I mean; at places the album sounds a bit more like it is trying to achieve a certain sound, rather than organically produce it.
Anyway, on ”Clones” we should give M!SS CRAZY the credit to add something new to the genre here. Nicely produced, this might not be anyone’s album of the year but it is certainly worth a listen.


01 – I’m Never Gonna Get Over You
02 – Clones
03 – Living In America
04 – I Don’t Believe In Love
05 – I Just Wanna Give
06 – Forgiveness
07 – Miracle
08 – Tonight
09 – V.A.
10 – She Loves Me

Markus Allen Christopher – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals & Guitar
Vernon Anderson – Guitar
John Homan – Drums
Kim Racer – Bass
Nicole Willard – Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals



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4 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Speaking of Alice Cooper, is the title track a cover?

  2. Ron says:

    Any possibillity getting Miss Crazy Covers 1 and 2?Thanks

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