NEWHAVEN – NewHaven [FnA Records digitally remastered ’80s recordings] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

NEWHAVEN - NewHaven [FnA Records digitally remastered '80s recordings] (2022) HQ full

FnA just released the ’80s recordings from Hollywood glammy melodic hard rockers NewHaven, all digitally remastered from the original tapes. As mainstays at the world famous Troubadour, due to high demand for their high energy brand of Rock-n-Roll and showmanship, the crowds shuffled in every Sunday and Thursday knowing they could and would see all the hype that NewHaven was creating.
Formed in 1986, NewHaven made a name for themselves playing all around L.A. The band cut some demos and there were some personnel changes in between, including into the ranks Tim Kelly (who would eventually become a member of Slaughter), and Robbie Crane (who has played for everyone under the sun from Ratt, to Vince Neil of Motley Crue).
In 1989, the band garnered attention from Atlantic Records who would pay for NewHaven to go into the studio and record 6 tracks – all includes here among the 13 tracks on offer.

NEWHAVEN was originally formed in late 1986. Drummer Todd Lane left his band HAVEN and upon returning to Los Angeles linked up with singer Kirk Samler. The two immediately forged a strong unbreakable bond and friendship as they had mutual interests in bands that shaped them. Todd and Kirk went into the studio and recorded a demo that would build the band NEWHAVEN around them.

Mike Drake, keyboardist and songwriter was recruited first. Todd reached out to guitarist Danny Kane who brought in bassist Ross Manzo and the boys were off and running in 1987. They played Sunday and Thursday nights at The Troubadour first and then through hard work and relentless promotion, they were quickly elevated to weekends, where they honed their craft as the crowds got larger and larger.
1987 was the base of the beginning.

Winds of change came calling in 1988 when new additions and great friends of the band Tim Kelly (Slaughter) took over lead guitar duties, and Robbie Crane (Vince Neil, Ratt) took over on bass. The group got stronger and kept growing, packing shows wherever they played.

In 1989 Atlantic Records took an interest and put the band in the recording studio. That lineup would consist of Kirk, Mike, Todd, Steve McMaster on lead guitar and Glen D’Mako on bass.
They continued to rock the LA music scene in addition to touring and landing opening slots for Enuff Z’Nuff, Dirty Looks, Tuff, Warrant and many more. Although headliners in their own right, NEWHAVEN appreciated the camaraderie with the other Los Angeles bands, and had mutual respect.

Kirk, Mike, Todd, Steve and Glen are the line-up that is prominently represented on this self-titled CD. NEWHAVEN blazed a trail on the Sunset Strip, and deserved better luck band in the day. Never is too late.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Rocking Chair
02 – Part of Me
03 – Draw The Line
04 – Long night Out
05 – Who You Are
06 – Love on the Rox
07 – I’m in Love
08 – Walk Away
09 – Hold me Christine
10 – Blind Truth
11 – Sweet Surrender (Live)
12 – Cross The Line (Live)
13 – When The Night Comes Down (Live)

Kirk Samler – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Glen D’Mako – Bass, Backing Vocals
Todd Lane – Drums
Mike Drake – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Steve McMaster – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals



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