OUSEY / MANN – Is Anybody Listening (2022) *only at 0dayrox*

OUSEY / MANN - Is Anybody Listening (2022) *only at 0dayrox* full

When the first lockdown began in 2020 Steve Mann and Chris Ousey started working together for a new project. The pair set to work and quickly realized that there was a great synergy between the two of them. The resulting work from OUSEY / MANN is their debut album “Is Anybody Listening”, a dynamic piece of classic melodic hard rock at its best and one that certainly stands as some of the best work that either of them have been involved with.

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe”, “Virginia Wolf”, “Heartland” and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”. He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock.
And Steve Mann, of course, is the founder of awesome melodic hard rock / AOR giants Lionheart.
This is a very exciting collaboration between two well-seasoned musicians and the 13 tracks on offer here are all excellent classic melodic hard rock which fans will just love from start to finish.

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01 – The Flag
02 – And So It Begins
03 – Brave New World
04 – I’ll Tell You When to Stop
05 – Broken
06 – Cruising at Altitude
07 – Built for the Fight
08 – The Fall
09 – Is Anybody Listening
10 – Before You Leap
11 – I Know Who I Am With You
12 – No Second Chance
13 – Number One

Chris Ousey – Lead & Backing Vocals
Steve Mann – Guitars / Keyboards
Angela Mann – Bass Clive Edwards – Drums
Jason Mann – Backing vocals on “I’ll Tell You When To Stop”



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