SWEET FREEDOM – According to Jorgen Schelander (2022)

SWEET FREEDOM - According to Jorgen Schelander (2022) full

Jörgen Schelander has been in lots of bands over the years since early age. Finnish metal pioneers OZ, Astrakhan, he has played keyboards on almost every album by Sweden’s melodic rockers House Of Shakira, just to name a few.
But after touring and a live album performing the classic rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar (featuring Mats Levén amongst others) in 2018, Jörgen felt it was time for his solo project. It was in that tour where Jörgen found the rest of his SWEET FREEDOM band.
Håkan Nilsson (guitar), Håkan Rangemo (drums) and especially Jan Lund (bass) played a huge part in the band Sabbtail (featuring again Mats Levén and Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth). Håkan, Jan and Håkan are all members of Deepest Purple, a great band covering the songs of Deep Purple.
Last but certainly not least there is the lead vocalist, Stefan Nykvist. Stefan is a professional singer having toured and collaborated with such artists as Carola and Eric Gadd. He’s been singing songs in Disney-movies and in musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar for instance) and is also the singer of Sarayasign, who released their very good debut album featured here some days ago.
SWEET FREEDOM – According to Jorgen Schelander” is timeless melodic / hard rock with elaborated arrangements, at places bringing to mind Tony Carey solo, some Magnum, etc.


01 – The River of Silver and Gold
02 – Join the Circus
03 – Wasted Time
04 – Good Life
05 – Istanbul
06 – Honor Thy Name
07 – I Am Alive
08 – Ghost of You
09 – Rest in Peace

Stefan Nykvist (Sarayasign) – lead vocals
Håkan Nilsson – guitar
Jan Lund – bass
Håkan Rangemo – drums
Jörgen Schelander – keyboards, guitar, vocals


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