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RESTLESS SPIRITS - Second To None (2022) - full

Frontiers Music is about to present the second release from RESTLESS SPIRITS, the Melodic Rock / AOR project from Lords Of Black guitarist Tony Hernando. “Second To None” features guest vocals from three exciting up-and-coming singers, Kent Hilli (Perfect Plan, GIANT), Chez Kane, and Renan Zonta (Electric Mob), and one well respected scene veteran, Johnny Gioeli (Hardline).
Restless Spirits’ “Second To None” not only highlights Hernando’s talents as a musician and songwriter, but also showcases some of the most outstanding vocal talents around, regardless of genre.
It’s great to hear again Hilli’s voice (one of the best recently appeared) and Johnny Gioeli complemented by the female pipes of Chez Kane providing variation. Renan Zonta also provides muscle with his performances.
A very good album that fans of melodic hard rock and AOR need to listen.

Hilli already did a terrific job on Giant’s last album, and here shines again with his Lou Gramm-like voice on opener ‘Need A Li’l White Lie’. If you had a doubt about Tony Hernando and his more ‘metal’ work with Lords Of Black, you better listen to this powerful melodic rocker and you’ll see the man love the ’80s.

Then Chez Kane confirms her talent on the next rriou of songs: ‘Hey You’, ‘Dreams Of The Wild’, ‘Until The End Of Time’, showcasing versatility and lovely influences from likes of Ann Wilson and Fiona Flanagan.
Then Renan Zonta’s vocal work on the next songs is a welcomed change, as the songs as well are more contemporary melodic rock in style and vibe

Everyone involved gives their best on ”Second to None”, but the three tracks with Gioeli stand out. ‘Nothin’ Dirty Here’ comes off the best here. Despite the sweet 80s melodies, the song has enough dirt under its fingernails that rocks. The soulful side is brought to the fore by ‘Always a Pretender’. Even if reminds a little bit of Axel Rudi Pell it must be mentioned the song & performance are top class.

Kent Hilli made the beginning and he also ends the album with ‘Dirty Money’. Here, too, the power of rock’n’roll is linked with catchy melodies to great effect.

The key of ”Second to None’’ success is simple: very good songs and stupendous performers. Simple to put on paper, but not easy to achieve.
Hernando did it with this new RESTLESS SPIRITS effort. It’s a wonderful album with that ’80s charm and polished updated production.


1. Need A Lil’ White Lie (feat Kent Hilli)
2. Hey You (feat Chez Kane)
3. Dreams Of The Wild (feat Chez Kane)
4. Until The End Of Time (feat Chez Kane)
5. A Dream To Be Lost In Time (feat Renan Zonta)
6. And Yet It Breaks (feat Renan Zonta)
7. Too Many (feat Johnny Gioeli)
8. Nothin’ Dirty Here (feat Johnny Gioeli)
9. Always A Pretender (feat Johnny Gioeli)
10. No Time Wasters (feat Renan Zonta)
11. Dirty Money (feat Kent Hilli)

Johnny Gioeli – Vocals on Track 7, 8, 9
Kent Hilli – Vocals on Track 1, 11
Chez Kane – Vocals on Track 2, 3, 4
Renan Zonta – Vocals on Track 5, 6, 10
Victor Diez – Piano, Keyboards
Matt De Vallejo – Drums
Tony Hernando – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals


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