RESTLESS SPIRITS – Restless Spirits [Japan Edition +1] out of print *HQ*

RESTLESS SPIRITS - Restless Spirits (2019) full

Lords Of Black guitarist Tony Hernando is one of the most talented and prolific musicians in the European hard rock scene today. This is a solo album via Frontiers Music under the moniker RESTLESS SPIRITS which sees Tony stepping away from the metal musical style Lords Of Black is known for and features different stellar singers on an array of songs covering the melodic hard rock genre.
Simply titled Restless Spirits, the album delivers a stupendous collection of tunes and some excellent performances. This Japanese Edition adds a bonus track, and the CD it’s already sold out.

Guest vocalists include a who’s who of the current melodic and hard rock scenes: Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell), Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints, ex-Journey), Dino Jelusic (Animal Drive), Kent Hilli (Perfect Plan), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline), and Diego Valdez (Dream Child).
Deen Castronovo also plays drums on the entirety of the album, and he’s indeed one of the highlights, both for incredible percussion but his very good lead vocal contributions. His style / vocal color brings to mind the great Steve Perry, and Deen is perfecting his craft with the time.

And then we have the terrific Johnny Gioeli, partner with Castronovo in their recent project together. Gioeli’s performances here, as usual, are top notch.
But also Diego Valdez, Jelusic, Kent Hilli and even Del Vecchio, and that’s mostly because they have really strong, very well written songs by Hernando. Melodic, dynamic, powerful melodic hard rock songs with essence.

The soaring ‘Stop Livin’ To Live Online’, the Journey-like ‘Unbreakable’, the rocking ‘I Remember Your Name’ (very good vocals by Kent Hilli from Perfect Plan), ”Cause I Know You’re The One’ (with its slightly Whitesnake vibe), the classy hard rocker ‘In The Realm Of The Black Rose’, etc, all are tremendous textured songs plenty of sweet melodious arrangements.

RESTLESS SPIRITS - Restless Spirits (2019) inside

“Restless Spirits” doesn’t sounds like a ‘label project’ at all. It’s a genuine album with nerve, vibrant, rich in melodies and stupendous vocal harmonies, and the key is the solid songwriting.
It’s clear that Tony Hernando is not ‘just a metal guy’, and he knows and learned the melodic hard rock classics with passion.
This is killer record, for me one of the best of the year so far.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Stop Livin’ To Live Online (Johnny Gioeli on Vocals)

02. Unbreakable (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)

03. I Remember Your Name (Kent Hilli on Vocals)

04. ‘Cause I Know You’re The One (Dino Jelusic on Vocals)

05. Nothing I Could Give To You (Johnny Gioeli on Vocals)

06. Calling You (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)

07. Live To Win (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)

08. You And I (Alessandro Del Vecchio on Vocals)

09. When It Comes To You (Alessandro Del Vecchio on Vocals)

10. Lost Time (Not To Be Found Again) (Dino Jelusic on Vocals)

11. In The Realm Of The Black Rose (Diego Valdez on Vocals)

12. Nothing I Could Give to You (Johnny Gioeli / Acoustic Version)

Deen Castronovo: Drums, Lead Vocals
Johnny Gioeli: Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Diego Valdez: Lead Vocals
Dino Jelusic: Lead Vocals
Victor Diez: Piano and Keyboards
Leif Elhin: Keyboards on 3
Tony Hernando: All Guitars, Bass, Keys

out of print

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