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As the band put it clear at their website; WILD AMERICA‘s mission is to keep that old school arena rock sound we all grew up with… alive and kickin’. This Connecticut, US, group goal is to bring back fun loving rock and roll with the release of their new album, ”Old School Cool”, via Kivel Records.
Wild America’s first album ‘Gasoline’ was a powerful debut, and now they perfected the classic hook laden and anthem filled fun fest to the maximum throughout their sophomore endeavor.
The songs here are all instantly likable melodic rockers. As the band describes it, ”a journey to Rock and Roll Disneyland.” They aren’t trying to invent the wheel but want to hit their fans with memorable hooks, sing along choruses and lavish production.

”Old School Cool” emits a captivating swagger. Wild America fashion 11 rapacious songs that flourish with excitement and addictive rhythms inspired in the ’80s, the kind of no-frills rock n’ roll that will surely have you reminiscing of an era gone by. The days before auto-tune, backing tracks, etc.
Sure, there’s cliché, the well known American Melodic Hard Rock formula, light lyrics… but it isn’t what you need to have a good time? What they do is honest and real, real rock n’ roll.

Right from the start, the band hits you with driving guitar licks and big vocals. On “Are You Ready”, Joe Labbadia’s voice is crisp and full of impressive nuances. DiNapoli’s guitar produces fiery riffs over a monstrous bass line and aggressively vibrant drumming. “Are You Ready” is a total banger.
“Love ‘Em And I’m Gone” continues the sonic bombardment. The guitar solo is ferocious. In “She’s A Good Woman” the band adds a little funky spice.
By now, the listener is starting to get high on the glowing music that Wild America is letting loose. “I Don’t Need Your Love” follows and the song carries a bold cadence with propulsive vocals. Everyone is firing on all cylinders.

“Name” contains cool arrangements and exalted vocals. The harmonies are punchy and full of life. DiNapoli’s guitar squeals with an edgy resonance. Also, Labbadia’s voice has an intrepid character. Wild America‘s songs always have that gargantuan melodic-hard quality.
“Sometimes Love” slows the beat down. The ballad showcases the band’s excellent musicianship and strong songwriting. Wild America fills the song with exotic textures and lush essences.
The band brings back the heat with “Trouble”, driven by a bluesy hard rock riff reminiscent of the early ’90s.

“Higher” is an avid mid-rocker that’s perfect for the arena tour. It packs an infectious groove and animated reaches. The firm beat layers blazing coils of elation. In addition, Wild America‘s harmonies are utterly on point. “The Outside” has an emboldened accent. The melodic tempo accompanied with the pulverizing guitar depth gives the tune a fervent impact.
The cell phone lights definitely pop on during “Stronger”, a midtempo melodic rocker featuring guest vocalist Roy Cathey (Ex- Cold Sweat). “Stronger is an ode to the resiliency of the human spirit especially during Covid” said the band. You can feel the passion in Labbadia and Cathey’s voices. This one is emotional.

The album ends with “Until We Meet Again”, a rocker where the guitar riff, structure and sound is like a mix between White Lion and Poison. Very 1987-like, hairy metal. A perfect finish to a more than a solid classic Melodic Hard Rock LP.
Don’t let anyone tell you that real rock is dead. ”Old School Cool” is a hook laden and anthem filled fun fest. An album ready for the Summer.
Highly Recommended


01 – Are You Ready
02 – Love’em And I’m Gone
03 – She’s A Good Woman
04 – I Don’t Need Your Love
05 – Name
06 – Sometimes Love
07 – Trouble
08 – Higher
09 – The Outside
10 – Stronger
11 – Until We Meet Again

Joe Labbadia – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Billy DiNapoli – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Gallicano – Bass, Backing Vocals
Arnie Cuozzo – Drums
Andrew Kadin – Keyboards
Roy Cathey (Ex- Cold Sweat) – guest vocals on 10



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