HARTMANN – Get Over It (2022)

HARTMANN - Get Over It (2022) - full

German multi-talented vocalist / songwriter / guitarist Oliver HARTMANN is well known for being part of Avantasia from some quite time. He worked with power metal outfit At Vance, later he released solo works breaking ground in the Melodic Rock arena, specifically his solo debut. He has managed to carve a nice niche for himself and has held to his solo work still providing melodic rock hooks and some firm material.
HARTMANN is releasing his 8th studio album titled “Get Over It”, a mix of the German’s classic melodic rock from the past (early 90s oriented) and more modern sounding material yet always faithful to classic rock proceedings.

The melodic rocker “One Step Behind” sounds like some of Hartmann’s past solo work. Leans more on the melodies and sweet guitars that have become a staple of his past works. A nice chorus provides a cool groove to this tune.
The infectious melodic guitar solo in “In Another Life” provides a nice melancholy vibe to the song, the rising chorus proves successful here. The slow churning sounds of “Just Drive” brings a bluesy element to the fold before it rises again and Hartmann sways with a nice and touchy solo. A strong tune midway through the album.
Another crafty rocker comes via the final song in “When We Were The Young” ends the album on a high note.

“Get Over It” is a solid and entertaining record by a veteran of the scene. Even though Oliver’s main gig appears to always be Avantasia now, he manages to still release solo work which should satisfy some of his older fans.
His voice is still pretty rangy and the straight-edge rocking grooves featured here are still melodic and full of hooks. What you get from this record is very mature songwriting that doesn’t miss much, most of the songs are catchy and invoke a feel good vibe to them.
Highly Recommended


01 – Remedy
02 – One step behind
03 – In another life
04 – What you give is what you get
05 – The movie’s end
06 – Just drive
07 – The gun
08 – Can’t keep away from you
09 – Get over it
10 – Stay true to me
11 – When we were the young

Oliver Hartmann (vocals, guitar)
Armin Donderer (bass)
Markus Kullmann (drums)


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