707 – The Second Album [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2017) *HQ*

707 - The Second Album [remastered] (2017) lossless full

Specialists at Rock Candy Records have Remastered & Reloaded all-three first albums from American melodic rockers 707, one of the most distinctive sounds of any band emerging from the late ’70s. For their second LP, simply titled The Second Album, 707 considerably changed their musical delivery, to a more straight, mainstream AOR sound.
Enlisting the assistance of producer Jai Winding (Le Roux, Stephen Crane) and recorded in Los Angeles, the band’s sophomore album solidified 707’s potential, albeit with the loss of pianist Duke McFadden who left the band for pastures new.
His departure was quite a traumatic blow but they weren’t holed beneath the waterline because the other members rose to the challenge with a defiant show of force.

707 - The Second Album [Rock Candy remastered / 2nd press] (2017) disc

Now reduced to a trio, this ‘new’ 707 showcased a noticeable forceful approach, something more in keeping with the AOR zeitgeist of the day and evoking comparisons this time around with Journey, Foreigner and Cheap Trick.

Showcasing this harder edge, tracks such as ‘Tonite’s Your Nite’, ‘Rockin’ Is Easy’ and the glorious ‘Strings Around My Heart’ put 707 on the verge of major success.
If it wasn’t for the implosion of Casablanca Records just the same month the album was released leaving it with zero promotion, the record could’ve have been a huge commercial success.

707 - The Second Album [Rock Candy remastered / 2nd press] (2017) back

“The Second Album” is a different 707 beast; most the Pomp is gone in favor for a vital, energetic melodic rock / AOR with all that early ’80s magic.
Another greatly welcomed Rock Candy remaster.
Highly Recommended


01 – Tonite’s Your Nite
02 – Millionaire
03 – Live With the Girl
04 – Strings Around My Heart
05 – Pressure Rise
06 – Rockin’ Is Easy
07 – City Life
08 – Live Without Her
09 – Love On the Run
10 – The Party’s Over

Kevin Russell – vocals, guitars
Phil Bryant – bass, vocals
Jim McClarty – drums, percussion
Andy Celley – keyboards
Cherie Curie, Reed Kalling – backing vocals



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