THE PETAL FALLS – Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day [CD version +2] (2020)

THE PETAL FALLS - Workin' All Night Workin' All Day [CD version +2] (2020) - full

British act THE PETAL FALLS have an interesting backstory. Originally they were a five piece band that began in the mid 90s, fronted by songwriter Keith Leahy. Early on they signed a deal with an intermediate record label – The Petal Falls seemed destined for success. But that signing ultimately led to their undoing. After years of unfulfilled promises and tons of frustration, the band dissolved without the opportunity to release a single track.
Surprisingly, now The Petal Falls‘ entire catalogue will be available for release. Working with friend and producer, John King, Leahy was able to re-master the original recordings with additional instrumentation into four albums.
Three were already released, and it’s really necessary to recap on this, the first released in 2020, titled “Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day“. Despite being composed and mostly recorded in the second half of the Nineties, this is pure ’80s inspired stuff, elegant AOR with a rocking edge as well.
This is a delicious cocktail of Eighties sounds filled with wonderful melodies akin Mr. Mister, Boulevard, Peter Beckett, 2AM, Glass Tiger, Cutting Crew, even some Giant.

Opener ‘A Man In Chains’ has all the elements of a classic ’80s rock song, those shimmery guitars, bright drums soaring vocals and a vibrant guitar solo that will have you dancing through to the end of the track. The rhythm is so uplifting and oozes so much feel good vibes that it is hard not to smile and get up and dance. This is definitely a sing-a-long kind of song, especially when we get to the chorus where Keith Leahy sings out “like a man in chains“, echo’d by the backing vocalists, guaranteed to get stuck in your head.
Keith’s vocal style is so warm and inviting, yet impactful and powerful making this a captivating performance.

‘Love in Motion’ delivers yet again on those feel good vibes, this time with the colourful and bright keys, which become the dominant force. Each part gives us those lush soaring pop melodies, with a warmth in the atmosphere that grabs you and pulls you right in. Again Keith’s vocals are just a stream of pure passion, heart with incredible lyricism. The smooth and velvety textures in this track are soothing and pleasant to the ear, it is the perfect track to chill out and listen to through headphones or to sway along too in a live setting.
‘I Was Amazed’ switches it up a little with the rhythm, this time we hear acoustic guitars and bongos bringing a more laid back feel and chilled out vibe, a welcoming change from the huge drum lines we have heard previously. This track still has those warm melodic segments at its core, dancing over the groove making this a soaring power ballad. There is definitely little hints of Bryan Adam-esque vocals plus Bonnie Tyler-esque atmosphere.

‘All Across The World’ is one of those songs that brings an unstoppable driving atmosphere, a forceful thumping beat you are guaranteed to feel in your core, it is vibrant, it is uplifting and you just fall right into its pot of joy.
‘Rain’ slows it down ever so slightly, with this anthemic ballad, so much soul and passion oozes from every corner that you find yourself closing you eyes and just enjoying the melody, these guys definitely love their soaring guitar solos and it is undoubtedly what you will love about this band.

‘Have A Little Faith’ will send chills down your spine, it begins with a nostalgic inducing ’80s melody of keys and guitars. Atmospherically this track brings to mind a slight similar style to Foreigner. Keith’s lyrical story telling is nice and you are completely engaged and hooked on his voice. This is a track that need to be played at full volume.
‘Workin’ All Night Working’ All Day’ which is the title track and it is exactly what you would want from the title track, bringing more of that huge spacious atmosphere soaking up your mood and emotions, picking you up and launching you high into the sky. This track builds and builds intensely to a soaring climactic ending with each element making itself known atmospherically or melodically, either way it gets right inside your head.

‘Mariah’ brings a lush acoustic atmosphere, the guitars feel as though they are taking a back seat for this one, there is a mellower tone that allows Keith’s vocals to come through and become the driving force, their signature guitar solo make it’s appearance yet again.
‘Givin’ It Up’ has a funkier groove, sprinkled with pop melodies making this one incredibly memorable and so addictively good. ‘Colours’ closes out the album, and what a song to finish on, this definitely feels like the album has come full circle as we return to a similar style as ‘Man In Chains’.

This entire album is just a pure delight lyrically, melodically and instrumentally. It doesn’t embark down one specific road, there are different genres encompassed into this album, with the core guitar riffs and solos in each track linking the entire album together.
Leahy wanted to preserve the original 90s recorded takes as much as possible, and at places you can hear little flaws because some of these were demos, but the overall sound production is really good.
If you love the ’80s, you need to check out this album.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – A Man in Chains
02 – Love in Motion
03 – I Was Amazed
04 – All Across the World
05 – Rain
06 – Have a Little Faith
07 – Workin’ All Night Workin’ All Day
08 – Mariah
09 – Givin’ It Up
10 – Colours

Keith Leahy – Lead vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Robert Harpum – Guitar
Robin Tucker – Drums
Dave Richards – Guitar
Marius Ryndziewicz – Bass
Additional Personnel :
Duncan Lowe – Keyboards / Bass
Lee Tucker – Keyboards
Avril Davis – Backing Vocals
Tracy Tucker – Backing Vocals



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