ANCIENT MACHINE – Ancient Machine [Limited release +3] (2022) *Exclusive*

ANCIENT MACHINE - Ancient Machine [Limited release +3] (2022) *Exclusive* - full

We were pleasantly surprised by ANCIENT MACHINE’s new album ‘Distance Between Us’ featured here yesterday, a very interesting band inspired by classic ’80s / ’90s melodic hard rock / AOR. After further investigation, we find the group released past year their self-titled debut album “Ancient Machine“, and early 2022 they did extra, bonus tracks.
While based in Vancouver, Canada, ANCIENT MACHINE comprises musicians of Brazilian origins, a land with a declared AOR / melodic rock strong fan base. Founded by Emerson Tanaka (bass, keys, synths) and Kiko Dittert (guitar), ANCIENT MACHINE take their cues from the likes of Journey, Bonfire, Jaded Heart, etc.
We find solid songwriting via strong riffs and choruses, harmony vocals arrangements, keyboard splashes and a fine production all over this debut record.

The album opens with the rhythmically rich and cool choruses of “Every Single Day”, followed by “Again And Again” where the lead vocal color brings to mind a young Bon Jovi, and then the catchy “Listen To Your Heart”, a really good melodic rocker.
With “Are you Ready” we find a more edgy ANCIENT MACHINE side driven by sharper guitars, then full melody returns with ”Never Surrender”, a song like a crossroad between Tokyo Motor Fist and Ted Poley solo. The same melodious feeling appears later on ”Stay Stronger”.

”We Are Alive” offer more variation, a hard rocking number with a bit dark feel, a song composed during the pandemic lockdown. After that we need a sweet moment, and power ballad “Last Love Letter” delivers. It’s a midpaced track, slow but with nerve.
“Stay Stronger” has nice lyrics wrapped by an AOR punch very late ’80s, complemented by harmony vocals and a big chorus. Next is “I Can’t Wait”, a power ballad very much in the classic AOR vein, with an European feel. ”Left Outside Alone” mix power riffs with melodic verses, ”Back To Ashes” has a varied guitar work and a crunchy delivery, while on ”Battle Cry” the band try something different: I found a TEN vibe despite the vocals, which as on the entire record, are more melodic-hard oriented.

It’s obvious the guys in ANCIENT MACHINE love classic AOR / Melodic Rock, both in style and sound, and it shows on this debut. Production & mix are better on their just released second album which demonstrates the band is improving things.
That’s not meaning this self-titled debut production isn’t good – considering we have a self-managed recording / release here, it’s more than decent. And ANCIENT MACHINE serves strong songwriting which is the real thing.
If a good record label pick up this band results may be stupendous. They have the chops, they know how to put together a catchy chorus, an interesting arrangement, etc.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Every Single Day
02 – Again And Again
03 – Listen To Your Heart
04 – Are You Ready?
05 – Love Could Last Forever
06 – Never Surrender
07 – We Are Alive
08 – Last Love Letter
09 – Stay Stronger
10 – I Can’t Wait
11 – Left Outside Alone (Bonus Track)
12 – Back To Ashes (Bonus Track)
13 – Battle Cry (Bonus Track)

Thales Maciel (lead and backing vocals)
Emerson Tanaka (bass, keys, synths, backing vocals)
Kiko Dittert (guitar)



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