NYMPHS – Nymphs [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] HQ *Exclusive*

NYMPHS - Nymphs [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] HQ *Exclusive* - full

As requested by many, here’s in exclusive the Rock Candy Records remastered version of female-fronted Americans NYMPHS, and their self-titled debut album from 1991 released on Geffen Records.
That NYMPHS were not made for this commercial world is, on reflection, a pretty obvious statement. This is the story of a gloriously talented and forward thinking band, led by one of the most enigmatic and fascinating female vocalists of the time.
Based in Los Angeles during the late ’80s and led by Inger Lorre, the band were snapped up by label giant Geffen and touted as a revelation. Sounding pretty much unlike anything else at the time, their firebrand alt hard rock galvanised the label into believing the band held the key to the future.
In many ways they did, by making a stunning record, helmed by respected British producer Bill Price, the very same man who tamed the Sex Pistols, set fire to The Clash and gave the Pretenders a sound that continues to endure.

Nymphs vocalist Inger Lorre was, in many ways, the female equivalent of Axl. Turned up to 11. Controversial, volatile and unapologetic, Inger led from the front, missing no opportunity to cause mayhem at every chance.
The Nymphs suffered from label executives malpractice. When they were finally alloted studio time to record this debut, Geffen halted their debut album sessions with engineer Bill Price so Price could breath life into GN’R’s ‘Use Your Illusion I and II’.

Consequently The Nymphs missed its moment. And as its delayed release clashed with that of Nirvana’s Nevermind you can probably guess which one Geffen chose to promote.
Inger registered disapproval of Geffen’s delaying tactics by pissing on her A&R’s desk. She was flamboyant, charismatic, and had been known to engage in a ‘sex act’ mid-show. Of course, similar notoriety had made stars of many male rockers, but it only served to make a pariah of Inger. Which is massively unjust.

Nymphs bridged the swaggering of glam and the raw angst of grunge, while boasting the finest attributes of both. Lorre was pure rock star, an iron butterfly with an ennui-honeyed, post-coital swoon of a voice. As an album, “Nymphs”, encapsulates all that was great about the time it defines.
Now we can enjoy the new crispness and clarity of the remaster. There are some musical rough edges here, and when that is coupled with the reputation that the band earned it becomes obvious why their original release, as solid as it was, did not chart.
Nymphs were rebellious, as their music.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Just One Happy Day
02 – Cold
03 – Cats
04 – Imitating Angels
05 – Wasting My Days
06 – Heaven
07 – Supersonic
08 – Sad and Damned
09 – Death of a Scenester
10 – The River
11 – Revolt
12 – The Highway

Inger Lorre – vocals
Geoff Siegel- guitar
Sam Merrick – guitar
Alex Kirst – drums
Cliff D. – bass
Iggy Pop – vocals on “Supersonic”



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