NOISEWORKS – Evolution (2022)

NOISEWORKS - Evolution (2022) - full

Finally, Australians NOISEWORKS are back with ”Evolution” – their first studio album in 30 years. The record comes as a long awaited gift to Noiseworks fans who have been thirsting for new music from the iconic rockers.
”Evolution” offers all of the cornerstone Noiseworks trademarks with powerful vocals from frontman Jon Stevens, bass from enigmatic rocker Steve Balbi, the prolific Justin Stanley on keyboards, and the mighty Kev Nicol setting the tempo on drums. The guitar sounds and stories of band member Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser are woven through the fabric of the record and the album is dedicated to his memory.
The ten track recording produced by Balbi delivers an album of high quality and maturity, featuring anthems like ‘Amerika’, chart-topping single ‘Heart & Soul’, paired with melodic bursts of joy in the summer-aligned ‘Sunshine’. In a loving ode to their lost band member ‘Chet’ Fraser, a one minute instrumental piece ‘Touch (Epitaph)’ concludes the album.

In the 80s Noiseworks roared out of our car radios and were the soundtrack to every big night. Right from the beginning they delivered consecutive rock anthems with ‘No Lies’, ‘Take Me Back’, ‘Hot Chilli Woman’, ‘Touch’ and countless more. Known for their huge stage presence and big sound Noiseworks were a standout Aussie rock band in the 80’s and 90’s.

Blasting out of the blocks with ‘Heart & Soul’, the first single to have been released earlier this year, you immediately hear & feel the chemistry that this band brought to the scene all those years ago. Punchy, rocky and extremely catchy it lays the foundations for an enjoyable body of work, and one which captures the late Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser at his finest – immortalized in music on this very album.
Fans who have seen Stevens on his regular tours in recent years will be well away that he is performing at his very finest (with many saying “better than ever”) and this is evident from the off.

‘Amerika’, written five years ago, is a message of hope by trying to return the world to harmony: “It’s up to you and me to make a better place, where we all got along and we could stand together”. ‘Chet’ Fraser gets to shine during the excellent ‘Stand Up’ with some exquisite guitar work and rocky riffs and early Dead Daisies vibe.
Amongst the treasure trove of musical gems is the brightest jewel in the chest, the wonderful ‘Long Way’ with its emotive piano opening and Stevens heart wrenching vocal, before opening to be a real belter of a track…”I still got a long way to go”.

New single ‘Sunshine’ is a bright and catchy message of positivity, something we all need after the last few years: “All wars begin and end with pain and suffering but time moves on.” ‘Low’ is anthemic with its message of love conquers all before the earworm chorus of ‘One in a Million’ threatens to rattle round in your head long after turning it off.
Another stand out track is the superb ‘Let It Go’ which grabs you instantly with its hooky chorus. ‘Ocean Girl’ is a dreamy ballad which closes the album as a full song before the haunting ‘Touch (Epitaph)’, which gives us time to reflect on Fraser’s contributions to a band that will forever be part of Australia’s rock n’ roll history.

With the addition of Jack Jones, playing on ‘Heart & Soul’ and joining the band for their live shows, I really hope this isn’t the final chapter for Noiseworks after such a strong release.
”Evolution” is beautiful way to say a fond farewell to Stuart Fraser, immortalized in time and in music.
Highly Recommended


01 – Heart & Soul
02 – Amerika
03 – Stand Up
04 – Long Way
05 – Sunshine
06 – Low
07 – One In A Million
08 – Let It Go
09 – Ocean Girl
10 – Touch (Epitaph)

Jon Stevens – vocals
Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser – guitar
Steve Balbi – bass
Justin Stanley – keyboards
Kev Nicol – drums
Jack Jones – guitar



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