R3D LEAD3R 3 – Synchronistic Smiles (2022)

R3D LEAD3R 3 - Synchronistic Smiles (2022) - full

Synchronistic Smiles” is the debut album from American rockers R3D LEAD3R 3. If you had a little doubt, the band puts clear right with their name they’re a trio. Inspired by the long tradition of progressive rock, the textures and colors of bands in the ’80s, and the raw energy of classic power trios, RLDR 3 has found their own style and sound here.
The 3 members of the band are session musicians and met at different jobs. Founder Zoux (Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers, Hammond) besides working in the studio, was often out on the road touring as a musical director for different artists, and he wanted to create a band with accessible melodies but at the same time musically challenging.

”Synchronistic Smiles” has a unique sound, mixing different influences. At places they feel like ’80s Rush or Yes/Trevor Rabin, at others like the modern side of Scarem Harem and Rubber, sometimes like King’s X, even with a little The Police touch here and there.
Produced with a clean, clear sound, ”Synchronistic Smiles” is very refreshing listen. Oh, and the great album cover features an original oil painting, “Son Stroke 2022”, by Los Angeles artist Justin Bower.
Highly Recommended


01 – Superbomb
02 – Thousand Yard Stare (Intro)
03 – Thousand Yard Stare
04 – Arrow Of Time
05 – As I Am
06 – A Secret Turning
07 – Hollow My Heart
08 – Farther From Zero
09 – War Is In The Mind
10 – Silence Of My Own Making (Intro)
11 – Silence Of My Own Making
12 – Before The Fall
13 – Resonate
14 – When I Becomes We

Zoux – Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers, Hammond
Orbel Babayan – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Fernando Jaramillo – Drums, Bells


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  1. Neil says:

    wow..what a find!!

    late 80s early 90s Rush…… with a touch of Yes, World Trade and the Police.

    mmm..cant find the physical CD.only mp3 download on Amazon !!!

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