LAZER CLUB – Hollywood ’90s (2022)

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As you may know by now, this website specializes mostly in ’70s, ’80s and ’90s rock-styles, but also anything related to that era culture. And there’s enter LAZER CLUB new album ”Hollywood ’90s”.
During the Nineties, three guys lock themselves up in a Hollywood motel to write their first rock&pop album. They lived in the 80s, and LAZER CLUB born in the 90s. A time when clubs were a total blaze of color, with hundreds of green laser beams shooting out from the stage, brightly-colored lights on the edge of every step, more lights of different colors flashing on and off in time to the music, all bathed in a sea of dry ice.
And their album climb that step that separates the ’80s from the ’90s both in sound, arrangements and production. ”Hollywood ’90s” mix radio friendly melodies, synths, funky guitars, big beats and colorful vocals, and puts you into a cool time machine.
Pure ’80s / early ’90s stuff.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Strange Kind Of Love
02 – Turn Back Time
03 – Head Down
04 – I Got No Time
05 – Freedom
06 – Missing You
07 – Night Girl (feat. Vincenzo Salvia)
08 – Stop Breaking My Heart
09 – Miracle Love


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  1. Neil says:

    nice 80s AOR big movie melodies….. just a shame that the vocals are a little bit too vocoded in places and auto tuned…for that FX sound….. still good though…… good to see you supporting the synthwave movement..producing some quality AOR

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