BACK ALLEY SALLY – Back Alley Sally [Demon Doll Records remastered] *Exclusive*

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [Demon Doll Records remastered] full

After more than two decades, BACK ALLEY SALLY finally got digitally remastered their one and only self-titled rockin’ album, originally released in a time when this type of music was almost profane. Back in 1995, vocalist Mark Stone, guitarist Michael Sexton and drummer Martin Gaboury didn’t care about the depressive rock sounds ruling the airwaves. Their motto was dirty, Sunset Strip fun hard rock like it used to be in L.A. circa 1988, and founded Back Alley Sally in 1993.
The boys certainly brought some serious piss and vinegar to the gritty streets Hollywood, and managed to get a strong fan base faithful to the fun rock n’ roll days.

Mixing classic bluesy hard rock riffs with the swagger of bands such as Salty Dog, Rock City Angels, Junkyard and a bit of Motley Crue, Back Alley Sally recorded their self-titled debut in 1995, released via the small label Big Bang Records.
Kick ass rockers like “Candy Cane”, “Gone for Good”, the riff monster “Dreamer”, “Cocaine” or “Walking Down The Road” could have been hits some years before. And they save room for a bluesy ballad, “Ain’t the Same”.

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017) back

Get the neighbors ready, lock the doors, and let it rip… Back Alley Sally are once again reeking the havoc this release did more than 20 years ago.
Digitally and fully remastered, the sound is darn good. Highly Recommended.


01 – Walking Down the Road
02 – Changing Me
03 – Woman for Me
04 – Candy Can
05 – Things Are Gonna Change
06 – Number One
07 – Gone for Good
08 – Waste My Time
09 – Dreamer
10 – No Love
11 – Ain’t the Same
12 – Don’t Kill Yourself
13 – Cocaine

Mark Stone: vocals
Michael Sexton: lead guitar
Mike Thomas: rhythm guitar
Cory Dom: bass
Martin Gaboury: drums


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